Christmas Day 2019

hud's fisrt christmas-41.jpgSo I had this wish to have our family portrait taken in front of a beautiful large Christmas tree since it’s Hudson’s first Christmas and our first Christmas as a family of three. However, it had proven difficult as there are none around our house and travelling to HK Island with a 2-month-old was not feasible yet. I thought I would have to cross this item off my “things to do before Christmas” list until N’s mum suggested for us to take a family outing to Disneyland hotel after the Christmas church service. I wasn’t sure if we would be able to do it still because H just had his immunisations which may cause fever, plus I was having body aches all over and blocked milk ducts since Monday. However, on Christmas morning, we decided to give it a go and it was a wonderful, memorable first Christmas with Hudson and family.hud's fisrt christmas-43.jpgThank you Jesus for being born as a helpless, humble baby boy to become our Saviour. Baby H, we pray that you will grow up to believe in Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

We started the day with the regular bf-carrying H-getting ready/packing things for going out-quiet breakfast at home. At 10am, N’s parents picked us up with their car and we headed to Ma On Shan to fetch MaMa. Then, we were off to MaMa’s church for the 11am Christmas/baptism service. It was a long service because many people were sharing their testimonies too. Nick, baby H and I sat outside for some parts of the service because H was starting to let out some sounds “ngek” but he was really quiet overall. I was able to feed him under the handy apron MIL gave me. My prayer is that N’s parents will receive Christ as their Saviour and let God become their Father.

After lunch, I bf H in the car and N & I changed his diaper (poo-ed). We picked up Gordon and Tumi from the FL house and off we drove to Disneyland to visit H’s best friend’s house 😉

H made himself at home and was happily sleeping on the hotel sofa while Beah (I read her nametag) played beautiful festive and Disney songs on the piano. It was such a wonderful atmosphere. “It’s the most wonderful time…Moana’s theme…Someday my prince will come…Tangled’s theme…”hud's fisrt christmas-5hud's fisrt christmas-9hud's fisrt christmas-7hud's fisrt christmas-18We waited for H to wake up (open his eyes) so we could get our family portrait in front of the tree.

hud's fisrt christmas-23We also went to the princesses’ make up stall to bf H as he was crying for his meal. It felt like a busy afternoon there, trying to get some good family portraits while making sure we were watching our baby, our bags, and not losing the window of opportunity when there were less people in front of the trees. Even though baby H still didn’t understand much of what’s happening, when he did open his eyes to take in the things around, he did seem to register and was interested (given that he’s not crying for milk). MaMa was really happy too being with baby H, delighted to see his little hands and big eyes. It was a good family time.hud's fisrt christmas-36hud's fisrt christmas-39.jpgWe took a little walk in the garden as the sun was setting and left this magical place.hud's fisrt christmas-46hud's fisrt christmas-47hud's fisrt christmas-48hud's fisrt christmas-49hud's fisrt christmas-50hud's fisrt christmas-51hud's fisrt christmas-52

hud's fisrt christmas-67IMG_2887IMG_2888hud's fisrt christmas-68hud's fisrt christmas-71hud's fisrt christmas-70Thank you Lord for a dream come true, and for the greater Gift of Life in your Son.

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