Week 23 day 0

23 wks day 0-3After church, we decided to take the Star Ferry route again. It’s hot today as it is officially summer but at least it’s not rainy!23 wks day 0-2Baby bump sure is getting bigger!23 wks day 0-123 wks day 0-4Matcha cheese taro balls drink 🙂23 wks day 0-5Good Food series at church. Abundance, not scarcity. “My cup overflows”. Jesus invites us.23 wks day 0-6I really like these photos that I took of my husband today.23 wks day 0-7That’s all. We did a lot of walking today. My fingers, hands and feet have been feeling swollen and stiff these two days (dry and hot) so I took off my wedding band today just in case it gets stuck in there as the swell gets worse.

This morning we started our day with yum cha (just the two of us) at a local 酒樓 because I wanted local breakfast and we couldn’t make it for the first service anyway. After church, we had one subway to share on the star ferry, the matcha drink at jrink, and one 燒腩仔,叉燒瀨粉 下午茶set, and finished off with our rainbow coloured-congee at home.



Links lately



https://www.chinasichuanfood.com/chinese-chive-and-egg-stir-fry/ (tried and successful)




I was thinking about how we should start implementing healthy cooking and eating in our family life the other day now that we will be raising a kid but I felt a bit at lost because I didn’t know where to start. Then, this past Saturday morning I was just opening Youtube and came across Meghan’s videos and she got me started with ideas about how to incorporate more greens and natural ingredients in home cooking–basically the unprocessed produce that God has created. I washed the vegetables and fruits N had bought the evening before and put them into Tupperwares like mum always does. This weekend as we went shopping, I practised self-control to not buy processed food such as snacks, tempting as they are, and tried to think of what kinds of fruits and veges we can include in our grocery.

Old blogs that I find refreshing to browse through lately:

http://blog.brinja.dk/ with its summer images

http://www.mrmrsglobetrot.com/2017/03/a-date-around-seattle.html which inspires me to enjoy our dates in HK again (see next post)

Film roll #1


June 2, 2019.

Week 20 day 0 of baby Cheung.

No kicking or moving yet.

Gender unknown at that time.

I felt pretty good (not super heavy and no more nauseousness)

I let baby listen to Sibelius after realising I had been playing too much Korean pop. Haha…



19 May 2019, week 18, day 0 of baby Cheung

On Sunday morning, mom had the idea of doing a photoshoot for us so we wore our engagement outfits and headed out to Sheung Wan for church. After church, we went around to get some maternity growing-family portraits.

It was a special time discovering the beautiful and relaxed Sheung Wan area and we even ran into celebrities!

Here are the photos we took with the film camera.

The lush greenery

47730009The pink buildings47730010Mum and her playful personality47730011Husband 47730012I like this one of mum a lot47730013I like this one of me that Nick took a lot too47730014Special to me because I was increasingly growing in realisation and knowledge of what being a mum is like. My husband took this photo.47730015Attempted portrait47730016Favourite of mum (I did a good job, didn’t I?)47730017Pretty stores that reminded me of London4773001847730019Typical Sheung Wan 47730020Iconic Hong Kong47730021

Mother’s Day 2019

47730006On the Saturday before Mother’s Day 2019, we celebrated mom at a healthy buffet in K11 Mall. It was our first day of using the film camera. Time to start practising so we can get good photos of baby when he’s out!

After lunch lemon water & coffee. Mother and daughter.47730001

The avenue of stars, HK.
May 11, 201947730005Nick with the not-yet-open newly renovated Museum of Art.4773000347730004Harbour view4773000847730007

ps: Baby Cheung was at Week 16 day 6.