Baby diary – week 9

[Dec 23-29]

week 9 Hudson-12

week 9 Hudson-24.jpg

What an exciting week it has been (at least for mommy) because it’s Christmas time! Daddy took his annual leave for Monday and Tuesday (Wednesday and Thursday are public holidays), wai po and Small World colleagues visited on Friday, it’s uncle Gordon’s birthday on Saturday, and Sunday is always exciting because it’s church day (he played by himself on his back on the changing mat in the church nursery room throughout the duration of the pastor’s sermon, kept smiling and moving about–almost able to flip himself over?).

week 9 Hudson-28.jpg

Hudson can say “Goo[d] mo[rning]” (probably just his ‘goo and ’emm) to me when I said Good morning to him. He continues to smile at us and he communicated quite a lot with wai po when she came, smiling and cooing. My colleagues found him to be a happy and calm baby when they came to visit, probably because he had a good morning of feeding-sleeping on me-feeding-sleeping with me. After my initial body ache/milk blisters problems during the first half of the week, he didn’t feel so heavy when I picked him up in the middle of the night to feed and burp him whereas it felt like the hardest thing when I was aching all over (head, shoulders, lump…). Oh yes, did I mention that H is now 6kg and 60cm? That’s why he often looks and feels like a big boy though he’s still a 60-days baby. He got his double immunisation on Monday and braved through it like a champ, only having a slightly raised temperature of 37C and becoming more lethargic than usual after that afternoon. N says he is eating more lately but I don’t think so? Anyway, I feel like I’ve mastered the art of bf, burping him right after (no matter how comfortable he falls asleep on my chest) in an upright position (for a good 10-30 minutes), and putting him down (at night) or keeping him sleeping on my body. Sometimes if he has have enough milk but still awake, I could also carry him + walk him around in the house till he falls asleep.

week 9 Hudson-52.jpg



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