Week 22 – baby diary

[23-29 Mar 2020]

IMG_5552This week, H is trying to learn the triple things of crawling, babbling, and maybe having his gum coming out. He is such a hard worker who puts his all into what he has not achieved. He would try very hard but since he’s not there yet, he would sometimes cry out/shout. Aww..our little hard worker. Wai gong tells him not to try too hard and take a break. I tell him “good effort” and “keep trying!” #resilience

H likes to eat the pointy/corner parts of things e.g. the ears of totoro, books…and his own fingers (no longer eating his whole fists)


Crawling practice: he can lift his butt up and do the perpendicular knee position for crawling. He might have made one step forward for crawling but end up his head pointing head down.IMG_5643

Oh yes, he has not been sleeping well during the nights, he wakes up more and sometimes would startle with a loud cry suddenly so I have to pat him down. I feel so exhausted but I want to do so many things! Baking, cooking, journaling, organising, etc.

This week, I really got into the mood for baking. Yesterday, N and I went to Tai Yuen to buy some baking ingredients. I was so happy to finally get my hands on those chocolate chips! Hehe..




=to create. There’s something powerful, fun, and so innate about this activity. I suppose it’s because we’re made in the image of our Maker. Especially during this time of stay home could-be-boring/isolating days, this is a powerful activity/verb. Obviously, I’ve been very inspired by cakies’ “make” category recently and all the people who have been making things at home due to the stay home policy to #flattenthecurve of the virus spread.

IMG_5600IMG_5601Today, I made these cookies since we have that box of candy cane I bought to make peppermint hot chocolate last December but I found out it didn’t taste as good as I thought it would so we’ve been staring at that box of candy canes on top of the fridge for months now. I don’t have a hand mixer so we used the hand whisk. Thankfully, it worked. I cut out some sugar from the amount the recipe called for and it’s still relatively sweet, but good.


Week 21 – baby diary

[16-22 Mar 2020]

the week in which Hudson turns 5 months old!


IMG_5371IMG_5387We got him an ingenuity booster seat so now he can practise sitting upright by himself! Great because we don’t need to always carry him for him to have the option of sitting upright to see the things around. He easily feels bored so he would always want to be carried around the house to see things or else he would complain. Looking out the window at the cars downstairs is a regular activity that aunty does with him nowadays. He loves the curtain in our bedroom and if he starts to get angry or whiny at me, I will just hold him to the curtain and he would immediately stop and become very interested in the curtain and try to grab and eat (haha..). Desperate times call for desperate measures (aka breaking my principle of not allowing him to eat things). But to be honest, I am not the strictest since I know babies like to put things into their mouths anyway. I would say I’m strict 80% of the time? Saying “this is not for eating” or “please don’t put this in your mouth, Hudson”

#routine is the buzz word since it’s school closures/home


Smelling mommy’s shirt so he won’t miss me too much when I got to work. Manja-ing with daddy.IMG_5449Part of the 5-month photoshoot.

At the end of this week, H has improved in his crawling/tummy time position. He doesn’t flail around with all four limbs up and only using the tummy as his axis touching the mat. He seems to have better control at lifting his head and turning the head to the direction he wants..


In the mornings around the 830am, 1st nap after waking up, he would have a grumpy time falling asleep, not wanting to drink milk even though sleepy and hungry. Same as the nap time around our dinner time.

This week I finally started using our film camera again. This morning, I took two snaps of H being sweet and cute playing with N & I in bed. #morningslikethis #heartmeltingmoments

Due to the earlier going to bed time, I need to help H change diaper halfway through the night so he won’t get rashes.


I love you, my sweet boy.


Well into 2020

We are well into 2020, the year that looks like it should be something great just because it’s a new decade, and also the “Wawasan 2020” that we had been expecting since childhood schooling era. The sheer symmetry in how the digits look in this year gave the illusion that it should be a great year. Well, at this point, people’s weddings have to be postponed, schools have been in closure, we haven’t been able to go out of the house much, and it’s almost the end of a quarter of the year. It’s easy to feel disheartened about the near future because no one can foresee when the covid-19 situation would get better and when we can go out freely and explore the world again. I’m lucky because at least I have a family to nurture and do life with even at home, plus, I’m naturally a homebody and the month of confinement practice got me confident about my ability to stay indoors for a long time. Of course I wish that we live in a bigger house with a garden (or even a balcony) so we can easily pop out to get some fresh air, but at least we have a big waterfront park close to our house (H is now out with our helper to get some outdoor time; he hadn’t gone out for more than a week again). It’s always the worry of whether we want to let him have fresh air/see the outside world so he won’t become deprived of this social development OR to just keep him safe in this little home of ours to avoid any possible contact with viruses. Well, at this point I’m still sleep deprived (sort of) and muscle-aching from carrying H. However, last night, he did sleep through most of it and only woke up at 5am? (but I still feel tired though, perhaps made worse with the shoulder soreness).

But anyway, all is well. I get to make dalgona coffee at home, cuddle my sleeping beauty baby, video call my daddy for his birthday–showing him Hudson playing on the mat, have a good lunch (salmon, corn + tofu soup, ginger stir-fry veggies and rice), video call mom earlier in the morning to check on how her 14-day quarantine is going at home in Kuching (she’s knitting, has another section of her desk dedicated for Bible study, and has papaya to eat), and I will choose H’s photos of the past week for my blog post.

What I wrote down during Sunday service (CCHK):

“In this chapter, may we hunger for You, Lord.”

What are the broken places in your life, in your heart that needs the healing  of God? 

(family, my selfishness in all these for my husband and son when I feel tired and want my husband to serve me more than I think about his needs)

Links lately:

Happy to see that click* finally updated her blog after her second baby.

Cakies has been a huge inspiration recently with motherhood, home life, dependence on Christ, and creativity/beauty.


Making bread

I saw Cakies’ daughter made pandesal and that really prompted me to want to bake. All the other people baking during this time of covid home quarantine e.g. samishome, N’s dad, Malaysian friends also gave me the motivation to finally go into bread baking.

Figuring out what the Korean flour labels mean: https://lonelybearbakery.wordpress.com/2015/04/10/the-great-flour-experiment/

I made pandesal (and bread) for the first time ever: https://www.foxyfolksy.com/pandesal-recipe/

Oh yea, I had to figure out what proofing active dry yeast means (compared to just using instant dry yeast).

I love the milky subtle sweet taste of this bread and the breadcrumbs coating outside that gives it a nice dusting (I was expecting a rough texture from the breadcrumbs but nope, it tasted more like powder and added such a nice subtle texture to it).


5 months!

IMG_5499At 5 months, Hudson:

-can support his upper body and head with his two arms while in a crawling position

-complains whenever he doesn’t want to stay in a particular position e.g. sitting, express himself well when he does not want to drink milk (when I lower him to the sleeping position to position for bf, he would cry so I would know he doesn’t want to bf at the moment), or when he wants you to bring him to see/do something more interesting e.g. watching out of the window or go to his favourite curtain/fridge door/cny banner

-has been trying some solid food for brunch (mostly five spoonfuls each time). Foods he has tried so far: banana, potato, rice porridge, avocado

-has big bright eyes that are oh so pretty

-will grab something he’s interested with both hands reaching out, grabbing, then pulling the thing towards himself and into his mouth. This includes books (he will turn the book to the corner or spine to make it more manageable for inserting into his mouth #lol #smartbaby), toys, our arms, shirts, face, hair, his drinking cup, and cloths.

-is very quick with his hands in grabbing onto something

-is still interested in looking at complicated patterns e.g. my pajamas

-has become sensitive to loud noises e.g. vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, helicopter and would be scared by these sounds sometimes

-appreciates music now! (thank God because when he was younger e.g. when he was in my tummy and in the first few months, he didn’t seem to be interested in music). I know he appreciates music now because whenever he is restless, he would still be willing to sit in my lap and play the piano with me, and he doesn’t make the complaining sounds or squirm like a fish out of the water.

-is following more of a bedtime routine/sleeping time of around 8:30pm-9:30pm at night and wake up time of around 6am-7am. He cannot go to sleep by himself so I will still nurse him to sleep and then stay with him at night since I’m tired already anyways and we go to bed together.

-is still too small for the Muji 80cm t-shirt size though he’s definitely wearing some one-year-old sized clothings already

-does not really like to read books as I hoped he would (not yet, probably; he’s more interested in turning the books into food) but this does not deter me from shopping for more books for him (not a lot, just a few when I see good ones).





Week 20 – baby diary

[9-15 Mar 2020]

IMG_5287Well well, I’ve been telling people that my baby is four and a half months old but he is actually fast approaching the five-month mark! Whenever people asked me “how’s your baby?”, I’ve responded with “he’s good but doesn’t like to sleep” so people don’t think that life is a bed of roses with a baby. That being said, Hudson is still a wonderful baby. He has his strengths: we don’t have to worry about him not wanting to eat solid food since he’s naturally very interested in eating and he’s growing well (we don’t have to worry about him spitting out excess milk or not getting enough breast milk).

IMG_5312One of the first foods he tried: mashed potato + banana. His first ever fruit was apple (we let him suck the juice a bit) and clear rice porridge water.

He’s also curious and energetic.IMG_5310IMG_5298IMG_5302IMG_5305IMG_5308He has gotten so good at grabbing things. He can hold onto his banana and lion teethers by himself now (with occasional drops).


He would make a lot of “emmh” sounds when he’s sleepy and trying to sleep when we carry him. H would also express clearly his discontent/boredom if we are holding him while sitting down and he’s getting bored. That’s how I confirmed that he now enjoys music because he would not make the complaining sounds when I hold him in my lap and play piano for considerable chunks of time. Thank God for that! It’s an activity that we can do together when I’m tired of him trying to “gulut” out of my arms and when he can enjoy watching my fingers move on the keyboard and not feel bored. #winwin

IMG_5332#sleeptraining has also waned down to me trying to time his bf time to around the time we bring him into the room for sleep (8:30pm) so I will nurse him to sleep.

I still enjoy the moments when H sleeps quietly on me the best.

He is good at turning to his back/the side and holding on to things like this:IMG_5354His feet are always busy, curling up, crunching against each other. He enjoys playing with his daddy e.g. doing silly fun things like this #besttimeswithdadIMG_5367

Week 19 – baby diary

[2 – 8 Mar 2020]

IMG_5188IMG_5220IMG_5221IMG_5235Monday, he didn’t want to drink milk or sleep much again when I was at work so P had to carry him a lot the whole day. I got a lump again and chills but luckily after resting I’m better today. Hudson ate clear pork rice porridge water with a spoon for dinner cooked by his mama and he really enjoys it. I was scared he would not stop eating from now on and becomes a fatty. Haha.

Tuesday, he is a good boy. He plays with me, drinks milk (bf) and sleeps nicely (I feel like I can manage him).

-typed on 3 Mar 2020



Then we started to sleep train him this weekend because we felt like the lack of a routine is taking a toll on all of us. He really dislikes being left on the bed to fall asleep by himself and would give us these complaining noises which escalate into a loud cry. It’s not like we abandoned him to sleep on his own, I stayed next to him the whole time but nope, he wouldn’t have it. Hmm…


Week 18 – baby diary

[24 Feb – 1 Mar 2020]

IMG_5067IMG_5094Hud has been a good boy this week so far. He started to sleep better at night and could stay with me throughout the nights. This morning I also managed to take care of him alone in the health centre and went through his weighing (7.47kg), nurse consultation, and vaccination (two jabs) (due to the coronavirus, only one parent is allowed in the health centre). He didn’t cry loudly even though he was hungry (he drank the bottle milk so nicely when I gave it to him and that’s how I knew he was actually really hungry already) and only fussed a bit but would stop when I carry him standing up. He also took the injections bravely even though his eyes were wide open and saw what the nurse was doing. I also prayed for God’s special shield of protection over H since he doesn’t have a face mask to wear. Others trust in horse and chariots but we trust in our God Almighty.


I love his bright and beautiful eyes. Please stay curious, little one!

IMG_5114He’s often in this half turned over position now that he can roll over easily. He’s probably looking at something that attracted his attention.

IMG_5117IMG_5122IMG_5126We laid out both the ikea mats so he could practice his tummy time and rolling on it as these mats are not as slippery compared to the round play mats.


The flowers are blooming! Spring is approaching but too bad we can only go for really short walks like this in order not to risk getting infected with the Coronavirus.

IMG_5173IMG_5177The weather was warm enough on Sunday that he didn’t need to wear long trousers.

Ending the week with this sleepyhead cutie.