Baby diary – week 9

[Dec 23-29]

week 9 Hudson-12

week 9 Hudson-24.jpg

What an exciting week it has been (at least for mommy) because it’s Christmas time! Daddy took his annual leave for Monday and Tuesday (Wednesday and Thursday are public holidays), wai po and Small World colleagues visited on Friday, it’s uncle Gordon’s birthday on Saturday, and Sunday is always exciting because it’s church day (he played by himself on his back on the changing mat in the church nursery room throughout the duration of the pastor’s sermon, kept smiling and moving about–almost able to flip himself over?).

week 9 Hudson-28.jpg

Hudson can say “Goo[d] mo[rning]” (probably just his ‘goo and ’emm) to me when I said Good morning to him. He continues to smile at us and he communicated quite a lot with wai po when she came, smiling and cooing. My colleagues found him to be a happy and calm baby when they came to visit, probably because he had a good morning of feeding-sleeping on me-feeding-sleeping with me. After my initial body ache/milk blisters problems during the first half of the week, he didn’t feel so heavy when I picked him up in the middle of the night to feed and burp him whereas it felt like the hardest thing when I was aching all over (head, shoulders, lump…). Oh yes, did I mention that H is now 6kg and 60cm? That’s why he often looks and feels like a big boy though he’s still a 60-days baby. He got his double immunisation on Monday and braved through it like a champ, only having a slightly raised temperature of 37C and becoming more lethargic than usual after that afternoon. N says he is eating more lately but I don’t think so? Anyway, I feel like I’ve mastered the art of bf, burping him right after (no matter how comfortable he falls asleep on my chest) in an upright position (for a good 10-30 minutes), and putting him down (at night) or keeping him sleeping on my body. Sometimes if he has have enough milk but still awake, I could also carry him + walk him around in the house till he falls asleep.

week 9 Hudson-52.jpg



Christmas Day 2019

hud's fisrt christmas-41.jpgSo I had this wish to have our family portrait taken in front of a beautiful large Christmas tree since it’s Hudson’s first Christmas and our first Christmas as a family of three. However, it had proven difficult as there are none around our house and travelling to HK Island with a 2-month-old was not feasible yet. I thought I would have to cross this item off my “things to do before Christmas” list until N’s mum suggested for us to take a family outing to Disneyland hotel after the Christmas church service. I wasn’t sure if we would be able to do it still because H just had his immunisations which may cause fever, plus I was having body aches all over and blocked milk ducts since Monday. However, on Christmas morning, we decided to give it a go and it was a wonderful, memorable first Christmas with Hudson and family.hud's fisrt christmas-43.jpgThank you Jesus for being born as a helpless, humble baby boy to become our Saviour. Baby H, we pray that you will grow up to believe in Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

We started the day with the regular bf-carrying H-getting ready/packing things for going out-quiet breakfast at home. At 10am, N’s parents picked us up with their car and we headed to Ma On Shan to fetch MaMa. Then, we were off to MaMa’s church for the 11am Christmas/baptism service. It was a long service because many people were sharing their testimonies too. Nick, baby H and I sat outside for some parts of the service because H was starting to let out some sounds “ngek” but he was really quiet overall. I was able to feed him under the handy apron MIL gave me. My prayer is that N’s parents will receive Christ as their Saviour and let God become their Father.

After lunch, I bf H in the car and N & I changed his diaper (poo-ed). We picked up Gordon and Tumi from the FL house and off we drove to Disneyland to visit H’s best friend’s house 😉

H made himself at home and was happily sleeping on the hotel sofa while Beah (I read her nametag) played beautiful festive and Disney songs on the piano. It was such a wonderful atmosphere. “It’s the most wonderful time…Moana’s theme…Someday my prince will come…Tangled’s theme…”hud's fisrt christmas-5hud's fisrt christmas-9hud's fisrt christmas-7hud's fisrt christmas-18We waited for H to wake up (open his eyes) so we could get our family portrait in front of the tree.

hud's fisrt christmas-23We also went to the princesses’ make up stall to bf H as he was crying for his meal. It felt like a busy afternoon there, trying to get some good family portraits while making sure we were watching our baby, our bags, and not losing the window of opportunity when there were less people in front of the trees. Even though baby H still didn’t understand much of what’s happening, when he did open his eyes to take in the things around, he did seem to register and was interested (given that he’s not crying for milk). MaMa was really happy too being with baby H, delighted to see his little hands and big eyes. It was a good family time.hud's fisrt christmas-36hud's fisrt christmas-39.jpgWe took a little walk in the garden as the sun was setting and left this magical place.hud's fisrt christmas-46hud's fisrt christmas-47hud's fisrt christmas-48hud's fisrt christmas-49hud's fisrt christmas-50hud's fisrt christmas-51hud's fisrt christmas-52

hud's fisrt christmas-67IMG_2887IMG_2888hud's fisrt christmas-68hud's fisrt christmas-71hud's fisrt christmas-70Thank you Lord for a dream come true, and for the greater Gift of Life in your Son.

Christmas eve 2019

christmas eve 2019-2We went on another date and had a delicious three-course Italian lunch, as well as explored the star/moon/sun streets after getting off from Wanchai.

The colours of Wanchai:

christmas eve 2019-4christmas eve 2019-5christmas eve 2019-6christmas eve 2019-8St. Francis street:christmas eve 2019-11Good milk tea at this chaa chang teng according to Milktealogy but we didn’t go and trychristmas eve 2019-12christmas eve 2019-13christmas eve 2019-14Rainbow steps that I first saw on happybaes’ IGchristmas eve 2019-16christmas eve 2019-17christmas eve 2019-18christmas eve 2019-19christmas eve 2019-20christmas eve 2019-21christmas eve 2019-22A little bit of history and theology here

christmas eve 2019-27christmas eve 2019-28

christmas eve 2019-30

christmas eve 2019-32We went for our lunch at Pici Wanchai branch, an Italian pasta place for its set lunch. We got there right after they opened and managed to snag a window seat. People who came after us had to wait.

Starters: Andrea’s cold cuts and radicchio salad (complementary bread)christmas eve 2019-33christmas eve 2019-36This Tagliolini di Mare is super yummychristmas eve 2019-37After that, we checked out the Christmas decor at Pacific Place. If only Hudson was old enough then we would be able to bring him for photos here. Next year it will be. christmas eve 2019-38This looks like Hudson and Nick/mechristmas eve 2019-39christmas eve 2019-40christmas eve 2019-41christmas eve 2019-42Finally, we bought a pumpkin pie from Tai Tai Pies (Great Food Hall)christmas eve 2019-43





A December Morning Date in Central

23 Dec 2019, Monday.

Why is today special? It’s because my hubby did not have to go to work today. He took two days off this week so he could spend time with me and Hudson. This morning, he decided to go on a date with me to HK Island, which I haven’t been for so long. He wanted me to have a chance to go out and have a change of scenery. I am so thankful that he insisted because I’ve been really pining to go and have a nice cafe date, but there’s none in our area that has the correct vibes: good, authentic food & coffee/warm cuppa + environment/setting. #dateA December morning date in Central-2A December morning date in Central-3A December morning date in Central-4A December morning date in Central-5A December morning date in Central-6A December morning date in Central-7It was like going on a short trip to the US/Australia as the places we went are quite wai guo in feel. It only took a train ride for this travel experience to happen and it was well worth it. How nice. I love the shops signs, the streets, the stone slabs and walls, traces and edges of history, and the Christmas decors in the area. #travelA December morning date in Central-8A December morning date in Central-9A December morning date in Central-10A December morning date in Central-11

We left our house early, just like we would when I went to work and took the mtr to Central, reaching there before 8:15am (got the morning discount fare. yeah). It’s a 19C December HK winter day, overcast–adding to the cinematic mood that I was in (we were watching “You’ve Got Mail” last night). It was so nice to be out and about in Central before the crowd comes in. It was quieter, with the street cleaners washing the streets, the occasional locals going to work and starting their days. #livinginamovie #cinematicHKA December morning date in Central-12A December morning date in Central-13A December morning date in Central-14A December morning date in Central-16

We had our brekkie at the window seats of Fineprint cafe on Peel Street, a quiet street that housed a Chinese takeaway shop and facing a hardware store. We saw the owner of the hardware store coming and opening his shop, a mom with a baby in her infant carrier come have her sourdough toasts and large flat white standing outside, and the number of strangers walking downhill to work–the real estate agent, the office or bank worker, the gym-goers…watching the world go by while we pause our routine (Nick with his work and me with my mom duties). I did start to feel tinges of guilt for not staying home to spend time with baby H but mostly I was enjoying the morning out so much. It was definitely a nice change of scenery and responsibilities. #storiesoftheirlives #HKdwellingA December morning date in Central-17A December morning date in Central-18A December morning date in Central-19A December morning date in Central-20A December morning date in Central-21A December morning date in Central-22A December morning date in Central-23We also made our way to PMQ & Tai Kwun (two of our favourite places) to check out what’s different. The warm slice of vegetarian pizza from Paisano’s was yummy–crispy thin crust, melted mozzarella and roasted vegetables.A December morning date in Central-26PMQ’s Christmas bazaar, which was not open yetA December morning date in Central-27A December morning date in Central-29A December morning date in Central-30Tai KwunA December morning date in Central-33A December morning date in Central-34A December morning date in Central-35A December morning date in Central-38A December morning date in Central-40A December morning date in Central-42A December morning date in Central-43A December morning date in Central-41A December morning date in Central-45A December morning date in Central-47

The last bit of our little morning date was checking out the elaborate Christmas display at the Landmark. Wow.A December morning date in Central-37

A December morning date in Central-48And it’s time to head home before our baby has to get his immunisations in the afternoon.A December morning date in Central-46As N remarked on our bus ride home, we should definitely do more of these take-a-day-off from work to pause and soak in the city while the city continues to move. That’s why we work, to enjoy moments of life. What’s the point of working everyday without taking time to enjoy the fruit of our hard work/earnings? We want to take more time to spend with our son in the future too. That’s what’s meaningful.

Two months old ft. A Yorkshire Christmas tea party

week 8 A yorkshire christmas tea party-3.jpgToday I discovered several growing milestones of Hudson while playing with him before/after our Yorkshire Christmas tea party. He can really express himself now. When Smiley was saying something to him, he gave a sad frown. He also speaks a lot now: a cute cooing “ah-woo/ou[ch]-oo/” and “ern.” Super cute. #cooingwords

Christmas music

week 8 A yorkshire christmas tea party-14
Rum & raisin cookies + Italian orange dark chocolate
week 8 A yorkshire christmas tea party-16
behind the scene of me capturing our little tea party on IG story

week 8 A yorkshire christmas tea party-1

week 8 A yorkshire christmas tea party-13
Egg salad sandwich

week 8 A yorkshire christmas tea party-4

week 8 A yorkshire christmas tea party-6
Thank you Smiley for all the goodies and the company on this Saturday afternoon

week 8 A yorkshire christmas tea party-8

week 8 A yorkshire christmas tea party-12
Hokkaido milk Cadbury hot cocoa + Whittard salted caramel hot chocolate

week 8 A yorkshire christmas tea party-9


Today, after he had milk and nap in the late afternoon, H still seemed not happy so I thought he must be bored and suggested for us to put out the play mat. He played by himself on the Fisher-Price woodlands mat, lying down and looking at the white tiger for a long time and interacting with the tiger–smiling and talking to it at times. It was really nice because neither of us need to be carrying him all the time. It’s such a milestone because previously he could only play by himself for few minutes and he would start moving more agitatedly and ask to be carried. #playingbyhimself

week 8 A yorkshire christmas tea party-19.jpgAfter he played with the tiger for a long time, we also gave him tummy time because wai po told me it’s time to do tummy time every day. He was not happy at first and we were about to flip him back but we let him stay there for a few more seconds and he was able to lift his head/neck!, albeit still not happy being in the position because he has to work hard. We praised him for the good job. #tummytime

I think he may be staying up for longer periods too during daytime. He is really growing up!week 8 A yorkshire christmas tea party-15.jpgweek 8 A yorkshire christmas tea party-2.jpgLet’s play together next time!


Baby diary – week 8

week 8 [16-22 Dec]week 8 -7.jpgThis week, mommy has been busy preparing for daddy’s birthday celebration, thinking about how to make his birthday celebration special, especially with the addition of H this year. At first I was thinking about where to eat out for his birthday dinner but in the end after consulting him, I realise that the best would be to plan a special home-cooked meal for him so H can be involved (the last time we brought H out for dinner, he cried a lot so we don’t think he’s ready yet) and it would be a special meal too. Thank God for the Japanese cookbook my mom bought from Eslite a while ago which gave me ideas for a Japanese dinner. I even planned out the menu and went to survey the nearby supermarkets, home goods store (to see if there are any nice tablewares), and bakeries/cake shops to find the best cake. So this whole week was spent doing this special project. week 8 -6week 8 -1H has been smiling a lot, especially with his Mickey Mouse friend (haha). He likes to play peek-a-boo with aunty P and likes to look upwards when we carry him and walk around the house and stop at certain spots. He has been drooling (sometimes a straight line would drop down) and sometimes choke on his own saliva and cough. 

I had been suffering from swollen teeth gums for several days this week and it’s finally subsiding. Also, I had blocked milk ducts which was hard and painful yesterday. Got caught in the foggy rain yesterday after shopping for N’s birthday meal part 2 and felt headache and body ache (also due to the lack of sleep the night before feeding H a few times more than usual and having an overactive brain/stress from thinking about the celebration project without having my best half to discuss things with). But, thank God for answering my prayer last night. After a long day of not sleeping much, H finally slept from 12:30-5am this morning! I woke up feeling so refreshed for the first time in a while and my cold symptoms are gone. PTL. I even could accompany N for his birthday breakfast before he leaves for work.

Looking forward to our little York afternoon tea tomorrow afternoon with Smiley and catching up with her. Yay

#themotherhoodcrown #oneweektillchristmas #winterinHK #decemberdays

-written on 20 Dec 2019

Baby diary – week 7

week 7 [9-15 Dec]week 7-14week 7-9Typing this on 13 Dec (Fri night): This week I feel like H is becoming such a big boy! He opens his eyes big big often (wai po thinks that’s the cutest thing ever) and he looks long. He is smiling more (not totally sure if it’s social smiles yet). He smiles the most after his bath every day and he has started to make cooing and gurgling sounds. So cute! (but I have yet to capture those on video). He is also blowing saliva bubbles nowadays. We try to keep his feeding time to 2 hour intervals and giving him the pacifier if he needs to suck for comfort (or else he would cry and get more and more agitated).

week 7-1I read about activities to do with two month olds and H has been able to do several activities quite well now:

-his favourite toy now is the soft ball with jingle bells inside. When I shake it for him, he would track the toy with his eyes and sometimes even try to hit the ball when it’s hanging next to him.

-we are still giving him the black and white high contrast books daily when he has some moments of calm and awakeness

-he still wants to be held all the time or else he wouldn’t sleep. He would rather cling to me in curved positions to sleep (once he’s full from breastfeeding) than sleep in the cot

week 7-17-we still don’t feel comfortable bringing him outside because he might cry and we also don’t have the proper winter clothes for him or suitable carrierweek 7-10-he has no problem staying home with pumped bottle milk without mommy but I did find him missing me and clinging to me more after I come home (he probably missed my smell)

-I find myself quite tense all the time for fear that H will wake up at the slightest clanging noise or just suddenly wakes up in a loud cry, as he does quite often. He needs to be carried all the time to be able to sleep, except for nighttime.

Baby diary – week 6

week 6 [2 Dec-8 Dec]

week 6-1week 6-5IMG_1585week 6-45I think we are in week 6 currently, or is it? I’ve stopped counting the days and weeks recently because we are just busy carrying H all the time as he’s gotten really clingy and would cry every time we put him down in the cot, even after he has fallen asleep in our arms, he would wake up with a cry within a minute or two of being laid down (except for night times, thank God!)

week 6-49week 6-51week 6-56week 6-107.jpgI still feel clumsy at carrying him because he often would squirm in my arms or start becoming agitated. Is it because I don’t carry him in a position that makes him feel comfortable or I am not meaty enough? Or it might be my lack of strength after taking care of him during night time feeds–jolting awake from my sleeping position to carry him and position into breastfeeding position (laid-back position usually nowadays), feed, burp, pick him up again if he seems to be having a hard time swallowing/might still have reflux bothering him, pat him/press on his chest if he stirs in his sleep.

week 6-89.jpgWe’ve been playing more (Christmas) music in the house lately so he wouldn’t always wake up in shock.

Recently, he might be finding a rhythm in his sleeping time? Going through the witching hours (5-9pm where he doesn’t fall asleep) and then able to sleep more soundly at 9pm? Not sure.week 6-105.jpgweek 6-97.jpgBut actually now that I’m looking at the photos, I see that it’s true that baby’s social smile begins at 6 weeks. There are quite a number of smiling photos of H!

A little birthday celebration at home

I realised that I actually never cooked a birthday meal for N before all these years. Partly because we were doing long distance or we were travelling on the day of his birthday. With a young baby, this year’s birthday celebration was a cozy little one at home, an early birthday meal, Japanese style. week 8-daddy's birthday-8.jpgThank you for being my best teammate, my loving husband, and now a caring daddy to Hudson.week 8-daddy's birthday-17.jpgWE LOVE YOU!week 8-daddy's birthday-13.jpgWagyu beef patty, vegetable and shrimp tempura, grilled pike fish, ginger beer, and chestnut black forest cake.

week 8-daddy's birthday-20week 8-daddy's birthday-21week 8-daddy's birthday-18.jpgThank you for thinking that our son is the cutest, we think you’re pretty great too!

week 8-daddy's birthday-10.jpgweek 8-daddy's birthday-29.jpgBirthday card made by yours truly and your 8-week-old son’s footprints. ❤

Baby diary – week 5

week 5 [25th Nov-1 Dec]

Wai po has left for Australia so now it’s just H, wai gong, me, and helper at home most of the time (N is at work during the days). Beautiful sunrise photos by wai gong. Here are some home pics since little baby doesn’t get to go out much so does his mommy.IMG_1507.jpg

Typing this 5 weeks 4 days (on 29th November 2019, Friday, the day after Thanksgiving).

To be honest, this week baby has been giving me the opposite of a sense of satisfaction in being his mom. It feels like our interaction is only giving him milk–most of the time in which he has his eyes closed and once he’s done, he gets transferred away for burping. I don’t receive any attentive or calm gaze from H recently when I carry him. Most of the time, he’s fussing and I wonder if I don’t carry him in a comfortable manner or why he does not recognise my voice when I talk to him (all the articles say that my baby is supposed to know my voice and smell well but I don’t sense it with H?)

So yea, I don’t feel particularly tired this week in that I collapse into daytime naps happily whenever I get a chance, but I don’t feel the satisfaction of motherhood as much. I stopped taking as many photos of H. I don’t know. It’s probably because wai po left for Australia already and no one is giving me the boosts of yummy food and happy cooing about how cute H is and it doesn’t help that I feel like my son is responding to someone else better than to me.