7 months week 2 (week 31)


[25-31 May] I heard recently that 7 months is when the baby is the most fun. He knows how to express himself, smile, and play. It was helpful to hear this because if not, I was still stuck in this motherhood narrative where I just feel tired and try to survive carrying around a heavy squirmy baby (which is true half the time but let’s not focus on that!). I try to focus on how my growing baby is getting more and more communicative–babbling and giving eye contacts. He will turn towards you when you put your arms out to signal that you want to carry him, if he wants to go with you. Hudson has gotten really good/fast at sitting up now and he wouldn’t topple down to the left or right as before. He loves pulling up at our sofa, his book shelf, and wherever actually. He would also let go of one hand and leave only one hand holding on to whatever he’s supporting himself standing with. IMG_7255IMG_7256IMG_7259

He doesn’t seem to like the rice porridge with veggies and egg yolk we cook for him when we do. His solid food eating is still not very routine and I do feel guilty for not doing a good job at that.

He’s gotten a bit worse again at wanting to bite everything, perhaps due to new teeth coming out (still couldn’t see).IMG_7264

It’s the end of May so hopefully I can do better with our whole family’s healthy eating next month (inspired by Sara’s recent healthy eating habits also). I’ve been eating too much bread and sweets. IMG_7276

Oh ya, as of yesterday, he’s outgrown this chair because he knows how to bend and extend his body to escape from it, so it’s dangerous now to leave him alone in there. IMG_7249

He likes to “pat pat pat” with his left arm, only his left arm.

IMG_7315Precious photos of my sleepyhead with his daddy.IMG_7319IMG_7323IMG_7335IMG_7337IMG_7339I love this little ball of energy and his determination to stand up and get what he wants (into his mouth). 😉IMG_7340IMG_7341

He’s learned to slowly sit down while having one hand still on the rail.IMG_7342IMG_7343


7 months week 1 (week 30 part 2)

[21 – 24 May 2020]


He just turned 7 months but he seemed to have improved in his babbling/talking immediately! He has added new sounds/higher pitches to his speech and would actively babbles for longer periods e.g in the morning or at night. “ahh!” and stuffs excitedly. So cute. He also crawls super fast, but it’s don’t have much space for him to get to before he reaches a dead end. He would also climb mountains (our bodies) and try to overcome these obstacles.

IMG_7030Escaping from his 7-month photoshootIMG_7031


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Daddy gave him a haircut on Saturday because everyone had been commenting on how his front hair is getting too long, so now he looks even more like a boy and his daddy.IMG_7097IMG_7098IMG_7103IMG_7107

We went out to the park this morning and he just had this “zhou mei tou” face the whole time until we picked him up. He fell asleep.IMG_7114IMG_7117IMG_7130IMG_7135IMG_7137IMG_7146IMG_7147IMG_7164IMG_7177



Last night at 2am, he was somehow awake and crawling here and there, smiling and talking so happily. Lol. He was so cute but in the end he vomited. He seems to gag a lot lately from his saliva, maybe having new teeth again.


6 months week 5 (week 30 part 1)

[18-20 May 2020]


Since he’s turning 7 months tomorrow (Thursday), I will make this a short week.

IMG_6971IMG_6973IMG_6974IMG_6975IMG_6979H continues to explore things with his hands that are so good at grabbing, touching, scratching things now e.g. he explored the cabinets, our wardrobe, drawer edges, basket rims, books, table edges, our eye glasses, etc.

He still likes to put things into his mouth but he’s a bit not so desperate now.

He babbles more these days, “ah!” “hmm” and getting better in communicating his intentions to us.

IMG_6990I love coming home to my sweet boy after work and seeing his shy smile.

He enjoys going to the park in the morning.

He seems to respond happily to wai gong wai po during video calls nowadays.


Brownies & daisy

IMG_6946I made brownies today after seeing the perfect mess’ attractive cloth wrappings and branding for their square treats. It was so yummy and the most successful recipe I’ve made thus far (this year) besides the pizza dough. I loved it and couldn’t stop eating it. After a stressful week of full work days and mom duties, I was surprised to have a relatively relaxing Saturday morning (thanks to Hudson taking a nice 2-hour nap while I researched about birthday card idea for a two-year-old and browsing flintandsteelborneo’s IG). #mood #inspiration #baking #saturdayathome

Thank you, God for your sweet blessing.

6 months week 4 (week 29)

[11-17 May 2020]

This week, I worked full week again. H is getting chubbier and looking more like his daddy. His hair is really getting so long and was po keeps asking us to help him cut it.

IMG_6900 2IMG_6901 2IMG_6903 2He continues to improve in playing by himself while sitting up, “crawling” really quickly to get to his object of choice, tried crawling on the hard floor while being supervised of course, LOVES to “pit-pat pit-pat” his feet and walk around whenever we would hold him and let his feet touch the floor (he would actually go forward with his feet so we have to follow with his upper body). Aunty and I keep saying “H, you’re so heavy” often when we carry him because he’s really heavy. At night, when I try to lift him up when he awakes, I really have to gather my strength before being able to lift him up to bf. He’s also still a grumpy baby whenever he wants something and makes that low grunt sound, but when he smiles at you or laugh at your funny exaggerated gestures, he is so bright and sweet.


This week, he knows how to grab the fur of the “touch the zoo” book now and when I showed him how to pull the flaps in the “Jungle Book” storybook, he seems to begin to understand how we can move the flaps. So there is a bit of improvement in his “reading” ability while the week before, he would literally just put the books into his mouth as soon as he gets it. He still does, but I think he’s improved a bit. When I gave him my comb yesterday, he would grab the handle nicely and use his fingers to feel the spiky part of the hairbrush. Only after quite a long time then he tried to put it into his mouth, but again, improvement.

IMG_6959He also likes to pull on strings. He loves his bath time.

He goes outside almost every other morning with aunty now to get his daily dose of sunlight. He wears his hat nicely and aunty teaches him to say “good morning” to the security guard.


6 months week 3 (week 28) + Mother’s Day

[4-10 May 2020]

This was the first week in which I worked all 5 days of the week again (just for the month of May) and I missed Hudson since I had to focus on work and had no time to play with him and just watch him.

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He loves standing up!


I also felt bad for aunty who had to carry heavy H for long time during the days when I was busy with work. During the days that I went to work, H did miss me. On Friday and Saturday, he didn’t eat much and was quieter for some reason.

Well, on Saturday, we went to Fanling home for dinner to celebrate mothers day (I was excited to go for a family dinner after not having one since CNY). H however was scared and kept crying because of seeing non-familiar places and people. Aigoo, his crying can express his ideas clearly now, this little big baby boy.

IMG_6777IMG_6778Holding onto tai ma’s hand the whole time on our car ride there.IMG_6781

IMG_6796Yeye’s home cooking. yum.

Sunday breakfast at home: my first mother’s day! N bought the carnations. The bouquet wrapper is an artwork by Hudson. 😉



hiding in the toilet to type this post (because all moms know that this is the best, most relaxing escape space in the house)

humming the lullaby tune automatically in the middle of the night when baby awakes and anytime during the day when needed.

messy hair, don’t care because baby’s needs are more important to attend to. 

willingly sacrificing for your baby because he’s your baby and you love him.

Thank you, Hudson for making me a mum. Thank you God for this gift of a healthy, beautiful son so I can learn what it means to be a mum. 

Happy Mother’s Day! At this stage of motherhood, my sacrifices mostly include sleep, time and energy. However, I know other mums including my mum have had to sacrifice other things eg worrying about how we’re doing on the other side of the world or the different growth stages that we went through.  


Sleepy sunny boy.

6 months week 2 (week 27)

[27 April – 3 May 2020]

IMG_6445We had a four-day long weekend where both N and I got to spend more time with H and it was really nice to be able to watch him grow!


He improved tremendously with sitting, crawling, and pulling up and standing (none of them stable yet, but he could do them!)

IMG_6625IMG_6649IMG_6641IMG_6644His serious facial expressions:

We also let him try some finger foods (BLW) method and he enjoyed eating avocado strips, steak, orange wedges, and blended lean pork+spinach+rice congee. He is SO good at eating! (clips are on my phone)

On Saturday, Hudson sat up by himself while playing with daddy in the morning.


Good job!

His favourite game of covering his face with something.

IMG_6676IMG_6682I read about activities for 6-9 month olds and created this sensory play musical “instrument”IMG_6687IMG_6688IMG_6696Always fun with daddy and handsome hairstyle combed by daddy after giving him a bath:IMG_6701IMG_6714IMG_6730