10 months week 2

[24-30 Aug]IMG_3012IMG_2956H can transfer and walk around the table by holding on to the table/sofa/chairs. When he reached the end of whatever he’s holding on to walk by, he would cautiously squat and transfer to the floor and crawl really fast to his next destination. Today he had fun crawling on the sand and having picnic at the beach with aunty and our neighbour (I was working from home).

IMG_2982IMG_2992IMG_3024IMG_3033These are the facial expressions that he would give me and the things that he likes to play with/do during this period of time:IMG_3042IMG_3047IMG_3050Trying to eat my hair tieIMG_3062IMG_3066IMG_3069IMG_3073IMG_3074IMG_3076He found a game of peekaboo with daddy (it was in the middle of the night when he woke up with a tummy ache though so I was tired -.-)IMG_3086New things that he tried this week:

-eating blueberries

-wearing a swimsuit

-wearing sunglasses (so cute)

-opening the cabinet doorsIMG_3104IMG_3106IMG_3132IMG_3142IMG_3170IMG_3180IMG_3163

9 months going on to 10 months!

[17-23 Aug]


IMG_2773IMG_2777Hudson is 10 months old! He can imitate me doing the wheels turning motion with the round Ikea heat mats after I showed him a few times while singing the “Wheels on the Bus” song. Smart boy. He fell from our bed during a nap when I left him unsupervised for a while (I found him on the floor. Yikes and I cried) but since then, he would learn to go butt down instead of head down.IMG_2786IMG_2788He managed to stay still for the monthly photo (lol):IMG_2795IMG_2797This is a more accurate picture of his usual everyday self, happily exploring around the house:

IMG_2831IMG_2834IMG_2850Just trying to get a selfie with my babyIMG_2855He loves the dirty matsIMG_2857IMG_2859IMG_2862

He babbles a lot of “mamama, bababa” recently, very talkative. He also likes to raise his hand up and gesture like an Italian.IMG_2878and holds objects up (with one hand, he’s strong)!IMG_2886Those moments that we get to spend with our baby after coming home from work…IMG_2914IMG_2935


9 months week 4

[10-16 Aug 2020]IMG_2606IMG_2598Busy, busy, busy! That’s what the week has looked like for little Hudson who is always busy with his hands–finding things to grab and explore–standing up and down (mostly still needing support in order to stand up), and crawling to his objects/places of interests, which unfortunately includes the kitchen (dangerous) and dirty floor mats.IMG_2626IMG_2630When I’m busy working from home, he would go to the secret beach with aunty and our neighbours to play with sand, eat snacks…

Yea, basically I’m he still does not sit still to read a book. He only likes to eat containers and other things. He likes to crawl to the edge of the bed/sofa so it’s kind of dangers and he’s so strong and I have to catch him using a lot of strength and quickly before he gets into trouble.

He went to our neighbour’s house for a play date with his two friends. It’s good that he can explore new places, toys, and interact with peers.

He’s also gotten really good at escaping from our grasp/carry by sliding his body downwards when he wants to go and play instead of sleep, etc.

He has also started to walk by holding on to the table (he can go around our living room table now).


Always taking things out from drawers and standing up.

IMG_2653IMG_2655IMG_2656Escaping very quickly from my supervisionIMG_2657We went back to Taipo on Saturday to move more things over. H clapped his hands (my first time seeing it!) while sitting on our bed. So cute. He also enjoys pushing things e.g. this bench.IMG_2664Back in our home on Sunday, we made grilled chicken breast for him so he can have some fun with finger food. I realised that we have given up on BLW for a long while because he would throw up after successfully biting off big pieces of food, but actually we should give him softer smaller pieces of food or bigger chunk of food e.g. meat that he can suck the juice of. Also, the goal of BLW before the age of 1 is not to make him full per say, but to let him experiment with food’s different textures etc. I decided to let him eat finger food again since I saw how much he enjoys holding on to his own foods and bringing them to his own mouth (good practice for hand-eye coordination; plus, he’s always busy anyway with his hand, might as well let him do something with a goal and boosts his skill & confidence). Also, I have been really into the no added sugar or salt rule that we restricted what he could eat and made a lot of his meals not tasty (he loved to eat when the food is flavourful-e.g. chicken soup etc), so I thought oil is also prohibited, but reading BLW recipes and stuffs, I realise that he can eat more kinds of food than I thought.IMG_2671 (1)Trying to escape: IMG_2682Going on a walk on Sunday (but he was not in the mood again/sleepy?)IMG_2694IMG_2696Maybe it was hot too.IMG_2704IMG_2709IMG_2712IMG_2713IMG_2718IMG_2721IMG_2727IMG_2730

See what I mean? He’s always busy exploring.

IMG_2729Baba is training H to brush his teeth twice a day.



9 months week 3

[3-9 August]


H crawls really fast and his favourite places to go are the kitchen, front door and hallway rug. He still communicates with me using sounds like “hmm” “enn.” He loves going outdoors still. I started working full time again this week so I didn’t get to see H that much.IMG_2280IMG_2284

IMG_2312IMG_2358IMG_2330 (1)IMG_2362Saturday was our first time at this beach (it wasn’t H’s first time as he had been there with his friend F a few times.IMG_2381IMG_2387IMG_2388IMG_2415IMG_2463These two nights he likes to flap his arms excitedly in a kneeling position while rocking back and forth excitedly. He’s also bending his head/neck backwards. He will try to grab my phone and grab his fingers on my laptop keyboard whenever he gets a chance. 

Today, we saw the two teeth on either sides of his two front teeth! He might be having more teeth coming out because he’s still biting his fingers a lot and have saliva. He also tries to bite the brown cushiony material that’s supposed to protect him from bumping into furniture. 

He loves playing with containers and especially opening the lids repeatedly. 

IMG_2484One for the record (of him being difficult).

Happily watching daddy clean the glass doors on Sunday evening. Family time.

IMG_2527IMG_2533See my hand grabbing on to his shirt/supporting him? That’s the behind the scene of my everyday with him while he goes around exploring the world.IMG_2537He likes to pull curtains and towels too.

The Jacob’s biscuits tin acts as his drum and he loves to eat these Jacob’s crackers too.

9 months week 2

[27 July-2 Aug 2020]

We had a fruitful day today, starting with a nice breakfast, then cleaning the garden (at some point I took a nap with H on the sofa because though he was okay with sleeping by himself on the couch for a while while all three of us could clean/organise, he stirred and I had to stay with him. We had lunch, then H took a nap with aunty while N and I cleared the bedroom.IMG_1577

Around 2:40pm, we set out to Mui Wo to visit Sabrina’s house. H was smiling shyly when we first greeted Sabrina. He enjoyed exploring the fuzzy texture of their living room carpet, standing up at their table and cabinets. We had a nice afternoon tea: Nicholas’ homemade oat banana cake (H got a small taste too, no added sugar), coffee, and croissants with cheese and ham. IMG_1654IMG_1701IMG_1740IMG_1745IMG_1751IMG_1752IMG_1754IMG_1772 Then we went to buy some groceries in the supermarkets and bakery. It was a nice family evening—a different kind of life. N & I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere very much. At night, our neighbour even gave us egg tarts he bought from Tung Chung (today was the last day that people can eat in at restaurants and stuffs before the tightened Covid-related law bans this common activity too).

-typed on 28 July Tuesday

IMG_1876I love H’s cheeky, wink-eye grin.IMG_1888You can see his four teeth.IMG_1889IMG_1903

Tai Ma came to visit on Thursday afternoon (the last Thurs that I don’t have to work). H didn’t mind the smell of durian that TM is eating.

Fun times!IMG_2014IMG_1963He still loves the outdoor so much and would stop his complaining (whatever it was about—sleepy, milk, want to be carried standing up instead of sitting down, etc) if he gets to go out. The problem is, he wants to go outside even during hot noontime. Haha.

IMG_2062H had some fun inside the plastic container—bathing outdoors, “car rides”, colourful ball pit, and just practising standing up in it.

IMG_2026N brought home a secondhand motorbike from his colleague two days ago and H immediately knew how to turn the steering wheel, hold on to the shift gear and press the buttons on the bike. I was so impressed! He looks like a pro-driver, just like his daddy!IMG_2111He likes to look up at the umbrella because he finds it fascinating.IMG_2132IMG_2156IMG_2157Those giggles ❤IMG_2159IMG_2161IMG_2164H also loves getting up and down easily holding on to the low living room table and tv console. Yesterday while I was at work (the only day I had to go to office this week), he discovered the glass window corner that overlooks the walkway into our house and leads to the road. He loved climbing up to it because he can see the cars from there.IMG_2173IMG_2176Spinning the wheel. It’s fascinating to see him discover new things.IMG_2184IMG_2180hands offIMG_2198

Life lately

IMG_2155IMG_2169Our strawberry plant (from N’s colleague)

Instead of links lately, since we have limited internet connection in Lantau, I have “living” more (though I could do more)—walks outside (H goes on much more with aunty than I do), breakfasts, reading, and Bible study/prayer.

I’ve made myself some nicer breakfasts this past week that reminded me of days in Italy host home (this house’s older tile design and dining wares give off that Napoli vibe). Though, as a mom of a baby, I do feel guilty sometimes taking a long time making my breakfast because before I could finish, my baby almost always needs me already, and it leaves me with little time to do other more important stuffs that I need to do e.g. work (so I can have more time to spend playing with H later, swapping the time), daily necessities etc. I need to learn to relax as a mom more, because sometimes i get so worked up wanting to watch over his every movement (but he did fall down and bump his head a couple of times during my supervision). He’s also been waking up a lot to ask for milk since moving in here (new environment) and perhaps he’s also hungry since he’s getting bigger in size.

9 months week 1

[21-26 July 2020]


Hide and seek is one of his favourite games.

IMG_0911Wow, my baby has officially entered the last quarter of his first year and growing up really fast! We celebrated with a trip to the beach in Lantau Island (Hudson’s first time at Pui O and a beach) and it was a hit (Hudson loved it)


IMG_0916IMG_0947FaceTime with wai gong and wai po. He is climbing up the couch.

H became a big boy again suddenly after his haircut. He communicates more: often asking for solid food or water with his sounds, and he also loves to explore with more understanding now.

The carrot acted as a teether to him since he seems to be have irritations from swollen gums (more teeth coming out we’re guessing). Look at how pleased he is with his carrot stick. So cute.

IMG_1237IMG_1225He loves to flap his arms happily (clapping? or not yet?) when he’s excited or happy. He is full of energy and likes to shout in excitement (ehh!!) sometimes.

His two upper front teeth are very visible now and he must be having more teeth coming out because he keeps putting his index finger in to gnaw whenever he has a chance. 

He loves going outdoors now that we live on the island. Today, when he saw me or N going out to the garden, he would cry and ask to go out too! He sat in the garden with P playing, picking some leaves, or hanging on the clothing rack’s bar. 

IMG_1348I love his focus.

He joined our neighbour for a pool party. He was happily waving his arms while sitting in the water. Sometimes, he would try to taste the water by putting his face down into the pool. He’s quite focused on playing with the kind of play he likes (good to know that he is one who can focus).IMG_1401

8 months week 4

[13-19 July]

This week I’ve been losing the strength to keep up with Hudson. He likes to go to the few danger spots: climbing up to the two ends of the couch and up to the windows/curtains, crawling down from the bed to the hard floor (I’m not sure if he might hit his head or not) and to the electric cables box, into the kitchen or towards the front door and bathroom carpet. He is very fast and eager, while I’m usually tired. Part of why this supervising task is so tiring is because I’m always following behind him so I cannot see his cute cute face; I only feel the weight of him and the strength of a lion cub trying to wrestle free from me to get what he likes to play with–small lotion bottles, coconut oil dispenser bottles, vaseline, iPad, iPhone, tissue paper, containers, avocado…not so much his legitimate toys that he should chew on). As a result, I’ve become frustrated for a few times with H and just needed to break away from taking care of him to have my own time to lie down and read by myself. I want to be a better mom but after a few hours of taking care of Hudson, I often lose my patience and strength. Sigh.

IMG_0285IMG_0288This week, he had fun in the “tent” aunty P made for him. He loves hiding so much and crawling in and out. His smile is the best!IMG_0283IMG_0284

Oh ya, we can see his upper two teeth coming through already! Today he’s been having lots of saliva dripping from his mouth and when given a bottle nipple, he would nibble it on either corners of his mouth instead of in the middle.


He enjoys eating frozen blended fruits and porridge with hairy gourd, pork and dried scallops (basically our soup, without added salt) because these have flavour, unlike the previous things we try to feed him which are tasteless (white congee with greens and egg yolk, which I tried and was tasteless).

IMG_0326Cute cute Hudson can recognise my parents and tai ma because he would always smile when we video call them.


Also, another milestone this week is that H can stand on his own without holding to anything for 5 seconds each time? Yesterday when I came home from work, he did it. My mom also saw it in the morning and was able to count to 10.

8 months week 3

[6-12 July]IMG_0248

We started off the week with a staycation where Hudson was able to experience lots of new things (probably too much packed into two days) but it’s good that he can discover new things and step out of his comfort zone.

He travelled on the MTR for the first time in several months.

He went to Hong Kong Island for the first time.

IMG_9568IMG_0018He had his first hotel stay.IMG_0058

He had his first hotel buffet experience.IMG_0046

He swam for the first time in a swimming pool.


He met another baby for the first time (4 month old baby Amaris).

Lots of firsts for this baby, but he does seem like he needs to recover a bit after coming home. Sometimes he would let out big shouts (like a lion) and would be very hyper though he’s sleepy already.


He’s also starting to learn to stand/walk more. He would let go of whatever he was 扶着 and “stand” unstably without holding on to anything for a few seconds. He would also hold onto our hands and “walk” in a wobbly fashion. Very beginning stages yet, but he’s working towards it!

When he wants to get my attention, he doesn’t call me “mama” but he would make loud sounds/cries to call me. Lol.

-typed on 8 July (Wednesday)


Hudson improved so much this week and learned lots of new things.

He likes to 钻进洞 such as crevices between pillows and the wall and explore. So funny and cute.


He also knows how to climb onto our bed from the floor now and go down to the floor.

He likes to do the 拔 motion with his hands so he managed to take off the lid of our lip balm easily. He also tried the same motion with other long-shaped things e.g. small lotion bottle, pen, and a figurine from the train toy set.

He still love standing up at the walls and is very quick in changing between a standing and sitting position.

He would try to stand without holding onto anything for a few seconds before falling with his butt down to get down.


IMG_0198He also knows how to crawl and find me! So sweet.He also likes to do the close open motion with his hands.

IMG_0229IMG_0238He continues to love climbing at every chance he got!IMG_0245IMG_0247IMG_0249



8 months week 2

IMG_9375[29 June – 5 July]

IMG_9276IMG_9284IMG_9285He’s starting to make new babbling sounds such as : “Geh~, deh~”


He’s also eating more porridge (or at least we try to give him more porridge).

We tried to train him to wear face masks for a couple of days and even brought him to the mall in Taipo since this is the ‘new normal’ now. If not, he would be so restricted in places he could go. The reason we wanted to train him now was because we would bring him on a staycation on Monday (I was nervous because he hadn’t been on public transport since February.

IMG_9319IMG_9326IMG_9350IMG_9340He got his first passport photos taken with daddy because there’s a free service by our estate. I didn’t go with them but it was the first shot that the photographer got (because he started crying after that, because it was noisy).


IMG_9424Playing with daddyIMG_9427IMG_9429IMG_9430IMG_9432IMG_9433IMG_9468

His classic moves: how to stand up and climb the wall

and how to sit (fall) back down

On Sunday, I noticed him making new babbling sounds: “neh, ng” the n sounds. Good job, Hudson!


8 months week 1

[22-28 June]


This week, H continues to be very active in crawling and can easily climb up the couch to reach things that interest thing above him.


He also played for a few times in the outdoor playground (still doesn’t know how to play much yet in the playground and we couldn’t let him crawl on the platforms but he did hold onto the bars and stuffs). So, today, N and I went to Shatin and bought a pair of real shoes for him (with good grip and comfortable design)!


He is also babbling a lot more and saying mama, mam mam, baba.

Every night, before falling asleep, he would be crawling here and there on our bed, climbing over obstacles e.g. pillows or my body, and standing up by holding on to the walls (he would put both hands on the wall with his fee still far from the wall, and then slowly walk into the wall) and he would reach for the stars (glow-in-the-dark pieces we pasted on the wall). He loves to reach things that are above him!


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