9 months week 1

[21-26 July 2020]


Hide and seek is one of his favourite games.

IMG_0911Wow, my baby has officially entered the last quarter of his first year and growing up really fast! We celebrated with a trip to the beach in Lantau Island (Hudson’s first time at Pui O and a beach) and it was a hit (Hudson loved it)


IMG_0916IMG_0947FaceTime with wai gong and wai po. He is climbing up the couch.

H became a big boy again suddenly after his haircut. He communicates more: often asking for solid food or water with his sounds, and he also loves to explore with more understanding now.

The carrot acted as a teether to him since he seems to be have irritations from swollen gums (more teeth coming out we’re guessing). Look at how pleased he is with his carrot stick. So cute.

IMG_1237IMG_1225He loves to flap his arms happily (clapping? or not yet?) when he’s excited or happy. He is full of energy and likes to shout in excitement (ehh!!) sometimes.

His two upper front teeth are very visible now and he must be having more teeth coming out because he keeps putting his index finger in to gnaw whenever he has a chance. 

He loves going outdoors now that we live on the island. Today, when he saw me or N going out to the garden, he would cry and ask to go out too! He sat in the garden with P playing, picking some leaves, or hanging on the clothing rack’s bar. 

IMG_1348I love his focus.

He joined our neighbour for a pool party. He was happily waving his arms while sitting in the water. Sometimes, he would try to taste the water by putting his face down into the pool. He’s quite focused on playing with the kind of play he likes (good to know that he is one who can focus).IMG_1401

8 months week 4

[13-19 July]

This week I’ve been losing the strength to keep up with Hudson. He likes to go to the few danger spots: climbing up to the two ends of the couch and up to the windows/curtains, crawling down from the bed to the hard floor (I’m not sure if he might hit his head or not) and to the electric cables box, into the kitchen or towards the front door and bathroom carpet. He is very fast and eager, while I’m usually tired. Part of why this supervising task is so tiring is because I’m always following behind him so I cannot see his cute cute face; I only feel the weight of him and the strength of a lion cub trying to wrestle free from me to get what he likes to play with–small lotion bottles, coconut oil dispenser bottles, vaseline, iPad, iPhone, tissue paper, containers, avocado…not so much his legitimate toys that he should chew on). As a result, I’ve become frustrated for a few times with H and just needed to break away from taking care of him to have my own time to lie down and read by myself. I want to be a better mom but after a few hours of taking care of Hudson, I often lose my patience and strength. Sigh.

IMG_0285IMG_0288This week, he had fun in the “tent” aunty P made for him. He loves hiding so much and crawling in and out. His smile is the best!IMG_0283IMG_0284

Oh ya, we can see his upper two teeth coming through already! Today he’s been having lots of saliva dripping from his mouth and when given a bottle nipple, he would nibble it on either corners of his mouth instead of in the middle.


He enjoys eating frozen blended fruits and porridge with hairy gourd, pork and dried scallops (basically our soup, without added salt) because these have flavour, unlike the previous things we try to feed him which are tasteless (white congee with greens and egg yolk, which I tried and was tasteless).

IMG_0326Cute cute Hudson can recognise my parents and tai ma because he would always smile when we video call them.


Also, another milestone this week is that H can stand on his own without holding to anything for 5 seconds each time? Yesterday when I came home from work, he did it. My mom also saw it in the morning and was able to count to 10.

8 months week 3

[6-12 July]IMG_0248

We started off the week with a staycation where Hudson was able to experience lots of new things (probably too much packed into two days) but it’s good that he can discover new things and step out of his comfort zone.

He travelled on the MTR for the first time in several months.

He went to Hong Kong Island for the first time.

IMG_9568IMG_0018He had his first hotel stay.IMG_0058

He had his first hotel buffet experience.IMG_0046

He swam for the first time in a swimming pool.


He met another baby for the first time (4 month old baby Amaris).

Lots of firsts for this baby, but he does seem like he needs to recover a bit after coming home. Sometimes he would let out big shouts (like a lion) and would be very hyper though he’s sleepy already.


He’s also starting to learn to stand/walk more. He would let go of whatever he was 扶着 and “stand” unstably without holding on to anything for a few seconds. He would also hold onto our hands and “walk” in a wobbly fashion. Very beginning stages yet, but he’s working towards it!

When he wants to get my attention, he doesn’t call me “mama” but he would make loud sounds/cries to call me. Lol.

-typed on 8 July (Wednesday)


Hudson improved so much this week and learned lots of new things.

He likes to 钻进洞 such as crevices between pillows and the wall and explore. So funny and cute.


He also knows how to climb onto our bed from the floor now and go down to the floor.

He likes to do the 拔 motion with his hands so he managed to take off the lid of our lip balm easily. He also tried the same motion with other long-shaped things e.g. small lotion bottle, pen, and a figurine from the train toy set.

He still love standing up at the walls and is very quick in changing between a standing and sitting position.

He would try to stand without holding onto anything for a few seconds before falling with his butt down to get down.


IMG_0198He also knows how to crawl and find me! So sweet.He also likes to do the close open motion with his hands.

IMG_0229IMG_0238He continues to love climbing at every chance he got!IMG_0245IMG_0247IMG_0249



Links lately (summer days during the 3rd wave of Covid in HK)

This week has been a bummer again since the Covid cases increased in HK again. I suddenly feel stuck at home again (no more outings to cafes or anywhere freely) and felt down. ‘How long, O Lord?’ ‘Yet, I put my trust in His faithful love’ (lament, reminded by Shine kids ministry). I started baking again: quinoa bagels to start with. Let’s see what else I will make. Japanese steak hambagu for lunch today (work from home today; was feeling stuck and uninspired this morning but after lunch, now I feel better again). Be thankful! Focus on the next 10 steps. Do not lose hope (I was thinking about how Hudson should be playing in Sabah now if not for the pandemic).

Focus on God and grow in this area! Nothing is more important.

Other links:

New Seoul vloggers that I’ve started to watch: 2hearts1seoul which inspired N & I to work on some home decor/organisation improvements. We tidied up our space this past Sunday (yesterday) and ordered baskets, pillow case and other home improvement things from Taobao.

8 months week 2

IMG_9375[29 June – 5 July]

IMG_9276IMG_9284IMG_9285He’s starting to make new babbling sounds such as : “Geh~, deh~”


He’s also eating more porridge (or at least we try to give him more porridge).

We tried to train him to wear face masks for a couple of days and even brought him to the mall in Taipo since this is the ‘new normal’ now. If not, he would be so restricted in places he could go. The reason we wanted to train him now was because we would bring him on a staycation on Monday (I was nervous because he hadn’t been on public transport since February.

IMG_9319IMG_9326IMG_9350IMG_9340He got his first passport photos taken with daddy because there’s a free service by our estate. I didn’t go with them but it was the first shot that the photographer got (because he started crying after that, because it was noisy).


IMG_9424Playing with daddyIMG_9427IMG_9429IMG_9430IMG_9432IMG_9433IMG_9468

His classic moves: how to stand up and climb the wall

and how to sit (fall) back down

On Sunday, I noticed him making new babbling sounds: “neh, ng” the n sounds. Good job, Hudson!


Slow down

IMG_2989I’ve been going, going, going, even if I’m waiting for the bus or MTR to move; or when Hudson is asleep (worried that he would wake up in a jolt with a cry). I’ve been on a tight string even though I don’t need to. ReadingFamapa’s blog of her recent days in London lockdown made me realise that I can slow down and appreciate life. It’s a breath of fresh air from the Instagram rush and my own keeping of a tight schedule of needing to update H’s latest milestones. It made me realise that I can take my minds and eyes off the apparent immediate needs of my soon-to-might-be crying baby and to really just take deep breaths when I can. Yesterday, Nick suggested for us to visit the new giant Muji in Kowloon Bay, but I was so calculative about making sure our time away from Hudson would be kept to the minimal so I was stressing out about checking the bus schedule and stuffs–basically making a time to relax (away from parents duty) to one that is not. I have been also getting a bit worked up about making our staycation at the hotel tomorrow worth every hour and minute and facilities, which again actually increases my stress and defeating the whole purpose of a holiday. So, the lesson and reminder today is: hey, I can change my attitude–it’s okay to not get every inch worth of our money back for the hotel stay or the buffets and it’s okay to focus on other things in life (although H indeed is our priority now since he is a baby and needs our undivided attention). Perhaps it’s best to simplify, prioritise, and focus on what makes life meaningful. Reading God’s Word and worshipping Him (worship changes things), enjoying meaningful engagement with family and nurturing Hudson to the vision of his name (maybe not even the photos and documentation would matter so much, since those are taking up so much of my time and energy), and work on some long term goals for myself (reading books, exercise and healthy eating, relationships, and keep learning). Well, and don’t forget to relax this summer.

8 months week 1

[22-28 June]


This week, H continues to be very active in crawling and can easily climb up the couch to reach things that interest thing above him.


He also played for a few times in the outdoor playground (still doesn’t know how to play much yet in the playground and we couldn’t let him crawl on the platforms but he did hold onto the bars and stuffs). So, today, N and I went to Shatin and bought a pair of real shoes for him (with good grip and comfortable design)!


He is also babbling a lot more and saying mama, mam mam, baba.

Every night, before falling asleep, he would be crawling here and there on our bed, climbing over obstacles e.g. pillows or my body, and standing up by holding on to the walls (he would put both hands on the wall with his fee still far from the wall, and then slowly walk into the wall) and he would reach for the stars (glow-in-the-dark pieces we pasted on the wall). He loves to reach things that are above him!


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