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Besides googling questions about my one-month old such as “gassy baby”, “sticky saliva in newborn”, “oversupply of milk”, “how to pump”, “how to store breastmilk”, etc, I’ve also had time to browse through Instagram excessively while having a free hand or some down time. Since I didn’t get to go out of the house for a month, I view IG to get a window of the exciting outside world and got inspired about photography, editing, and how to better document my family memories (now that we have a new cute cute member whom I know will grow up super fast!).

Ok, so I got interrupted while typing this post because H wanted a meal (when he’s properly and comfortably curled across my body in the cradle hold, it is actually a very comforting, warm, and bonding experience). #enjoyingbreastfeeding

(same idea as Cold croissants and tea–though I still can’t have tea nor coffee at the moment)

Anyway, back to my links lately…

Wish Wish Wish – I’ve followed her since my Moody days

(that’s all for now)


Baby diary – week 2

#homedays #confinement #countingdowntofullmonth #butagainnot because I want to fully appreciate this little baby face more and cuddle him more (though I don’t feel this way at night or when I have muscle aches).

We’ve been home for a couple of weeks now. Breastfeeding/nursing is still a journey that needs much practice and adjustment as baby is a human who is constantly changing too. What worked for one day doesn’t always work the next. When you think that you’ve had a tough night, the next one is tougher and you redefine “tough night”. It’s really a constant learning journey with this baby. Dealing with oversupply and gassy baby lately. I still don’t know how to calm him down well. Baby H doesn’t seem to calm down when I talk, sing, carry, and hold him close? Oh well, like they said, every baby is different so what works for most babies might not work for him, but overall, reading more information from books and online have been slowly helping me understand more about why baby has certain behaviours and how to troubleshoot some problems. #trialanderror

He’s been making lots of “growing” sounds this week, like he’s growing longer? “dan duai” in Foochow. His long hiccups continue. His impatient crying when he pulls out from a good latch is so immediate and frantic (aigoo, this baby ah). He sleeps and calms down really well with eyes wide open and paying attention when Wai po carries him. Baba N continues to carry H a lot when he’s back from work and H likes the secure feeling when held by daddy too.




Baby diary – week 1

In photos because busy mommy has no time to write much here #catchingup (baby H is taking his evening nap now before daddy comes home and our family dinner time, wai po is out buying grocery and more diapers for H – he finished the first big pack of baby diapers already and it’s only day 19 now).

We attempted some family portraits–slipping in time when we have and when there is still sunlight (N works 5.5 days per week, and with family visits on one day of the weekend, there is little daytime hours when daddy is at home, with the sun setting much earlier now that we are in autumn). Pic 1 by wai po/mom. Pic 2 using a self-timer (inspired by Sherlyn, Singapore Instagrammer’s travel self-family portraits using a tripod). Pic 3 by me