Christmas eve 2019

christmas eve 2019-2We went on another date and had a delicious three-course Italian lunch, as well as explored the star/moon/sun streets after getting off from Wanchai.

The colours of Wanchai:

christmas eve 2019-4christmas eve 2019-5christmas eve 2019-6christmas eve 2019-8St. Francis street:christmas eve 2019-11Good milk tea at this chaa chang teng according to Milktealogy but we didn’t go and trychristmas eve 2019-12christmas eve 2019-13christmas eve 2019-14Rainbow steps that I first saw on happybaes’ IGchristmas eve 2019-16christmas eve 2019-17christmas eve 2019-18christmas eve 2019-19christmas eve 2019-20christmas eve 2019-21christmas eve 2019-22A little bit of history and theology here

christmas eve 2019-27christmas eve 2019-28

christmas eve 2019-30

christmas eve 2019-32We went for our lunch at Pici Wanchai branch, an Italian pasta place for its set lunch. We got there right after they opened and managed to snag a window seat. People who came after us had to wait.

Starters: Andrea’s cold cuts and radicchio salad (complementary bread)christmas eve 2019-33christmas eve 2019-36This Tagliolini di Mare is super yummychristmas eve 2019-37After that, we checked out the Christmas decor at Pacific Place. If only Hudson was old enough then we would be able to bring him for photos here. Next year it will be. christmas eve 2019-38This looks like Hudson and Nick/mechristmas eve 2019-39christmas eve 2019-40christmas eve 2019-41christmas eve 2019-42Finally, we bought a pumpkin pie from Tai Tai Pies (Great Food Hall)christmas eve 2019-43





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