7 months week 5 (week 34) + Father’s Day

[15-21 June]

On Monday and Tuesday, H had some rashes on his body (measles?) but because of his strong immune system, the rashes subsided quickly. On Monday I was at work and P only told me about his rashes in the afternoon (he had rashes on his face too in the morning). By the time I got home from work, the rashes were mostly left on his body. On Tuesday morning there were still rashes on his body, but after that, it subsided again. Thank you Lord!

After that, H became his playful, active self again! His appetite also came back (on Wed, he drank 5 bottles of milk and ate several times).

IMG_8698Tonight, as I was bf him on our bed (side-lying position), I noticed his little hand and five fingers connected to his meaty little palm. I can’t help but be in awe at how such a tiny hand can be so strong–pulling everything that he wants down and grabbing things so quickly. This little hand can be quite destructive too–tearing paper and dropping things. I had to chase him around to monitor that this little hand does not create trouble! And those tiny toes are super strong too! Climbing up the sofa like spiderman and staying there for a long time.

He still has mucous or something in his throat because sometimes his breathing will still have the sound and he only likes being carried in an upright position recently when we try to carry him to make him sleep. He doesn’t like the horizontal cradle position. (Yes, we still need to carry him to sleep sometimes).

-typed on 18th June 2020 night (H’s sleeping, N finally got all his training scheme reports written and signed by the Engineer).


He’s getting cheekier too. Love his cheeky look sometimes.IMG_8780IMG_8779IMG_8822He was having so much fun playing in the wardrobe.

Sometimes, he look innocent and blur like this.

On Sunday, the 21st, we celebrated Father’s Day at home in the morning (I made N a card and photo slideshow). We went to Tai Mei Tuk with the Cheung family in the afternoon (it was a hot beautiful day) and had dinner at FL with tai ma joining us too. Hudson is also 8 months old on that day!IMG_8839IMG_8831

This below was supposed to be the 8th month photoshoot, but nowadays he’s more interested in biting the edge of the shark carpet. Haha.

Always busy pulling and standing up!

Enjoying playtime and sneezing!

Look at his foot that wants to climb up the bar.




He always has such a serious look when he’s observing something.

IMG_9053A moment with uncle Gordon…IMG_9080

He’s so lovely…IMG_9087

7 months week 4 (week 33)

[8-14 June 2020]

I love how he’s so good at sitting nowadays. It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago, he still couldn’t sit stably but now he can switch to an upright sitting position swiftly whenever he wants.

H entered leap 6 this week and was extra clingy. Had a few nights of almost fever, maybe because of teething? (later we found out it’s because of measles, which came out on Monday)


His love for climbing and stepping up is immense. [pic 1: His favourite chair (though unstable) to hold and stand up with. pic 2: Super sleepy but still not asleep.]

Loves playing with tissue paper still and would try to put into his mouth.

Smiley came to visit on Saturday. H wasn’t feeling well and was lethargic and clingy so she only got to carry him towards the end of the afternoon.IMG_8652On Sunday, we went to my in-law’s house to celebrate my FIL’s birthday. H was happily climbing up the sofa to get a better view of the cars outside. He also crawled around excitedly and uncle Gordon even had to block the floor fan and stand in front of dangerous items to protect our little H (it was quite cute to see their interactions). H also finally warmed up a bit to his Yeye, and Yeye was able to hold him for a bit. Tai Ma got her wish granted because H gave her kisses again. Hehe. H didn’t sleep until we got into the car to go home (I think he was asking to go home with his cries before we left). Home is still the best for him, though nowadays he’s so excited to go outside with aunty.IMG_8664IMG_8667IMG_8668IMG_8670




7 months week 3 (week 32)

[1-7 Jun]



Hudson has grown A LOT this week–not physically (though he probably grew taller again because I was surprised at how long his legs extended outwards as I held him for nursing last night). He made leaps and bounds in his crawling, self-protection, cognitive, and walking skills.

Let me elaborate.


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I’ve known his fast crawling skills for a while now (e.g. when he crawled on our bed to do the laps in a swimming pool-back and forth as I switched wai po in the phone to each side of the walls of our bedroom). He can crawl really fast to grab the phone. What I didn’t know was that he can now crawl on the marble floors without accidentally bumping his head into the floor! After work yesterday, P told me H can crawl from our room to the kitchen door already and said I don’t need to hover over H as he’s crawling to prevent his head from bumping into the floor so I gave it a go and discovered that H really can do it already! He knows how to use his hands to support his body weight and then lower his head if he wants a break from crawling. He crawled to the tv console and got some magazines from the books compartment and scrunched up the pages to put into his mouth. He can also take out several other things including the keropok (the sound of the aluminium packaging is attractive to him) and notebook. Sitting there and playing with these.

IMG_8106IMG_8108He also loves standing up by holding on to the vertical part of the sofa or the seat in the car to get a good view out of the windows. Yesterday, he walked from right to left of our beige sofa by holding on to the sofa. (Wai po and wai gong witnessed it too as we were doing video calls). Apparently, H can also walk by holding on to the walls in our bedroom.

IMG_8109So last night, as I was accompanying him in the bedroom waiting for him to play/get tired again, I could lay there and let him crawl/stand without worrying too much about him bumping his head into the wall as I had been earlier this week. He has been very interested in my black contigo water bottle and would always get it when he sees it on the bed. He is strong enough to hold it up and now I also finally don’t have to worry aboutt him hurting himself with the hard metal.

IMG_8113He also loves climb up and step on things to help him climb upwards. Oh dear.

IMG_8388IMG_8385IMG_8391IMG_8406His nap time has also settled into about 2-3 times a day.



This morning after he came home from his morning walk (today is cloudy/cool breeze like a rainy but not raining day in Malaysia), he was very hungry–he extends his hands to indicate he wants me to hug him, and when I signed/asked if he wants milk, he said “ehn” and when I asked him again to make sure that’s what he means, he replied the same while making eye contact. Aww..but then he’s still an impatient baby so he would make crying sounds and keep turning over and wanting to escape to get milk from me when we try to put on his clothes after his bath (still can’t understand when we ask him to wait).


The only regrets currently: he still doesn’t seem to like  reading (usually i can only read to him 2-3 pages before he starts turning the book or something), he doesn’t dance with music yet? but he can bang on the piano with his left arm. He’s not very patient in listening to me playing piano for a long time although he still could sit with me at the piano for a while as I practised or dabble in some scales. And of course, his biggest weakness: sleeping. Haha. But I shouldn’t always say this either, he actually has improved and can take naps on our bed during the day if we put some pillows etc around him (like he’s doing now). And these “regrets” I’m writing down, I just want to see when he would improve because I know he will learn to love reading and music!

I need to start speaking to him in the way that I want him to speak later on because he is learning every day and pretty soon, he will be speaking just like us! I will also try to be a non-anxious parent so that he will not pick up this temperament/trait.

-written on 6th June 2020 while H is napping on the bed. I still stay next to him because he would cry when he wakes up so it’s best to quickly assure him that it’s okay.

He makes the cutest faces. I love squishing and kissing him.


Sunday crawling adventure, captured on camera:


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IMG_8546IMG_8555IMG_8527Stay curious, and stay little for just a bit longer, our dear baby.


H’s first day trip

Aww..he’s old enough to be curious and explore the outside world! That’s what I discovered about my 7.5 months old baby boy during our half day trip to Sai Kung to celebrate N’s mom’s birthday.


These purple blooms are everywhere nowadays, and lavender seems to be the colour of the season.

IMG_8175IMG_8180IMG_8167IMG_8191So curious about the water and the live seafood.

IMG_8197We took off the face masks for some photos and there was a nice breeze from the sea.


IMG_8249Happy birthday, Ceci mama!

IMG_8253IMG_8257IMG_8271IMG_8284We had a seafood lunch. Lunch with a view:

IMG_8292This boy was getting cheeky. Blowing bubbles, shouting ‘Ahh!” and moving about.

He finally fell asleep but woke up soon as we went to see the shops.