Baby diary – week 0

Oct 21, Mon – After a long wait with no food or drinks in the ward and not knowing the exact time I will go for my caesarean section, I was whipped into the labour/operating room at around 4pm. Nick was able to accompany me after they finished the spinal anaesthesia. The defining moment came when I heard baby H’s crying chorus for the first time behind the covered screen cloth where they were cleaning and checking him I presume. Quick warm tears rolled down my cheeks as my husband reassured me that our little boy is here and has lots of hair (he still can’t see his face either–I was asking him how does baby look like). After some in and out (perhaps because of pain medicine etc), they told me I would be able to cuddle baby a bit later when we get out of the operating room. The doctors proceeded to clean and wrap up my operation and I was pushed out to a recovery room. I was able to feed him on my chest for the first time in the ward and thereafter as he sleeps in the see-through cot next to my hospital bed. I couldn’t move my lower body from the anaesthesia and abdomen pain, plus having a few things connected to me so I had to press the bell for the nurses’ help quite often. Luckily they are quite helpful still since it’s the first night out of surgery. They bathed baby H at around 10pm (no more cute waxy hair and fresh-out-of-the-womb red skin) and brought him back after giving him a nice heater time. Baby looks so cute wearing his beanie and swaddled in towels.

Oct 22, Tues – Didn’t get much sleep at night because I was carrying baby on me most of the time, feeding him, and the cycle goes on. I guess I was also too excited to sleep properly since it’s my first night with baby H. At 4am, I messaged N saying “wish you are here…I’m really really tired…need help…but you’re not here”. The struggle is real. I got help from the nurse around 530am. Can’t move. Feed baby H. The nurses helped H change his diaper and H is able to pee and poo (there’s a tracking sheet attached to the end of his cot). I was able to nap in the afternoon with H on me (too tired probably). H slept a lot after dinner visiting time but cried the house down after midnight and I felt super helpless. The first half of the night I kept him sleeping next to me because I thought he felt unsafe in the cot but he ended up becoming so hot and irritated because I didn’t change his diaper and he felt uncomfortable but I had to change him (since the nurse already taught me how) but oh man, was it hard since H was moving so much and I have difficulty moving fast due to my pain. I only got some peace at 530am (Wed).

Oct 23, Wed – Lots of noontime visitors. Prayers of blessings by Pastor Ian and Third Uncle Danny. Saw H’s first reflex smile. Learning about being a mom and taking care of H – the challenges and the little moments of quiet and wins.

Oct 24, Thurs – Discharged and going home! Oh what a happy day 🙂

Oct 25, Fri – Baby’s first post-hospital check up at the local health centre.

Oct 26, Sat – Baby’s first mini “outing” accompanying mommy to go get her stitches out. Wai po carried H in a sling and he behaved so well during the whole thing (i.e. slept the whole time so we didn’t have to worry about changing or feeding him). Wai po played two songs for H “Jesus loves me this I know” and “I’ve got the joy joy joy joy” and he seemed to listen to it, searching for the sound source. During his awake time after dinner (we wanted to make sure that he is not so sound asleep during that time and then awake after midnight), daddy played with him. He’s able to look around with his eyes more and seemed to be responding to dad a bit.

Oct 27, Sun – Mommy is home alone with H while dad and wai po attended church service in the morning. Mommy fed H and had to change his diaper once when he got cranky. After church, daddy gave H a bath for the first time. H enjoyed the face wash, hair wash, and back wash. He only didn’t like the front facing up position in the bath tub as much.

Links lately

I’ve been really enjoying Cari Cakes’ vlogs and her style of documenting her travels.

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The days before baby comes

Trying to squeeze in good cafe time as much as possible in between the protests. To be honest, we can’t wait for baby Hudson to arrive! Now we’re just passing time. Baby, come out and play with us soon?