Week 18 – baby diary

[24 Feb – 1 Mar 2020]

IMG_5067IMG_5094Hud has been a good boy this week so far. He started to sleep better at night and could stay with me throughout the nights. This morning I also managed to take care of him alone in the health centre and went through his weighing (7.47kg), nurse consultation, and vaccination (two jabs) (due to the coronavirus, only one parent is allowed in the health centre). He didn’t cry loudly even though he was hungry (he drank the bottle milk so nicely when I gave it to him and that’s how I knew he was actually really hungry already) and only fussed a bit but would stop when I carry him standing up. He also took the injections bravely even though his eyes were wide open and saw what the nurse was doing. I also prayed for God’s special shield of protection over H since he doesn’t have a face mask to wear. Others trust in horse and chariots but we trust in our God Almighty.


I love his bright and beautiful eyes. Please stay curious, little one!

IMG_5114He’s often in this half turned over position now that he can roll over easily. He’s probably looking at something that attracted his attention.

IMG_5117IMG_5122IMG_5126We laid out both the ikea mats so he could practice his tummy time and rolling on it as these mats are not as slippery compared to the round play mats.


The flowers are blooming! Spring is approaching but too bad we can only go for really short walks like this in order not to risk getting infected with the Coronavirus.

IMG_5173IMG_5177The weather was warm enough on Sunday that he didn’t need to wear long trousers.

Ending the week with this sleepyhead cutie.


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