Week 19 – baby diary

[2 – 8 Mar 2020]

IMG_5188IMG_5220IMG_5221IMG_5235Monday, he didn’t want to drink milk or sleep much again when I was at work so P had to carry him a lot the whole day. I got a lump again and chills but luckily after resting I’m better today. Hudson ate clear pork rice porridge water with a spoon for dinner cooked by his mama and he really enjoys it. I was scared he would not stop eating from now on and becomes a fatty. Haha.

Tuesday, he is a good boy. He plays with me, drinks milk (bf) and sleeps nicely (I feel like I can manage him).

-typed on 3 Mar 2020



Then we started to sleep train him this weekend because we felt like the lack of a routine is taking a toll on all of us. He really dislikes being left on the bed to fall asleep by himself and would give us these complaining noises which escalate into a loud cry. It’s not like we abandoned him to sleep on his own, I stayed next to him the whole time but nope, he wouldn’t have it. Hmm…


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