6th July, 2019Waterfont maternity portraits-2Bbc did quite a good job at hiding his size here. He is actually bigger than it looks! Waterfont maternity portraits-3Waterfont maternity portraits-5Waterfont maternity portraits-6Waterfont maternity portraits-7Waterfont maternity portraits-9Waterfont maternity portraits-11Waterfont maternity portraits-14Waterfont maternity portraits-20.jpg“How are you, baby?” is a question I like to ask bbc often but of course he doesn’t respond to me yet.Waterfont maternity portraits-22.jpgWaterfont maternity portraits-28Waterfont maternity portraits-29Waterfont maternity portraits-30Waterfont maternity portraits-31The fairytale forest lookWaterfont maternity portraits-32Waterfont maternity portraits-34My manWaterfont maternity portraits-35Waterfont maternity portraits-38Prince of the forestWaterfont maternity portraits-40Husband & WifeWaterfont maternity portraits-41^ and baby!Waterfont maternity portraits-42Waterfont maternity portraits-43You’re pretty good looking.Waterfont maternity portraits-45Waterfont maternity portraits-51Waterfont maternity portraits-52Waterfont maternity portraits-53Waterfont maternity portraits-55Waterfont maternity portraits-58Waterfont maternity portraits-61Waterfont maternity portraits-66Waterfont maternity portraits-67Waterfont maternity portraits-68Waterfont maternity portraits-69Waterfont maternity portraits-71

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