Hoi An at sunset

sounds almost as romantic as Venice at sunset. Indeed, colourful buildings with history and an ancient town lit up with lanterns can’t be any better. Truth to be told, we did not actually get to stay till sunset, in fact, we had to catch our ride back right before the sun actually set, but we did get to see Hoi An during the golden hour, which with the yellow facades, was actually more golden.

In a sense, this blog post title is a misnomer, but now I forget the heat and only remember Hoi An as this quaint, beautiful little town that we walked through and ate the legendary Cao Lau noodles and coconut coffee in.

It was also where we felt like foreign adventurers (like those ang mohs we see on documentary travel shows and read in novels), making our ways through the streets and shops.

Processed with VSCO with k3 preset
This is one of my favourite shots from this trip. The magical one among many favourites.


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