Becoming heavier

Taking the mtr at 4pm vs 5pm is a very awkward experience. 😂 I have to squeeze with the elderly, the injured, and Aunty tourists from mainland who had me sit down, but the seat is barely enough (they didn’t stand up to give up a seat but made me sit with them). 🤔 Perhaps my regular off work hour is better. Going to work to arrive at 9am isn’t that great either. The wait between connections are longer, there are more people along the way, the wait for the minibus is long, and there is even traffic jam on the road while using the minibus. Plus, I don’t get the early morning commute discount for the mtr.

In other news, baby suddenly became heavy and active this week. Is it a growth spurt? I was feeling quite agile last week but now I feel like I can’t bend well in certain angles, have something pressing against different directions inside my body, and feel heavier.

What happened to my mobility?

Baby was jabbing me and pushing against my bladder today. 😅 maybe I’m not used to his suddenly increased strength and movement, but it feels uncomfortable when he moves in a certain way that he does. Can’t explain it yet since I didn’t have time to slow down and observe what the movement he’s doing inside of me exactly…

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