Baby diary – 10 months week 4

[7-13 Sep 2020]

He started saying “(h)ahd-tzen” these two days! (probably something closer to “ha”/”ah”/”ut” – “en” that we interpreted as his rendition of his own name (with his friend Fofo’s pronunciation). He has started to speak more two-syllable “words” this week it seems like. One night when he woke up to play in the middle of the night, he said “da, dada” quaver, semiquaver semiquaver and I made a mental note that this was something new that he could do! I mean, he has been babbling/speaking for a long time now, but I do think he has improved this week in these two significant ways.

Let’s see, what else is new. He is getting really tall and exuding a boyish look more than a baby’s look. We’ve made a mental note to ourselves that we need to start disciplining him since he can start understanding things more now. He would be very whiny and cry loudly when he doesn’t like being left in the cot (even after just 1 minute of putting him down) so yea, need to let him know that he can’t always get his way but it’s also hard.

I finished two books this week: Crazy Rich Asians and Kim Ji Young. The first one is a fun read. I especially enjoy the rich (pun intended) descriptions that paint the worlds of these people. The ending is surprisingly similar to “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine”-the big news and an ambiguous but promising scene of the relationship of the leads. The second book was quite bland but I do see the value of it – raising awareness of the reality of Korean women.

-typed on 12th Sep

Today, N brought us to Mui Wo for a family outing again. It’s nice to be able to have these experiences where we can remember our family time by.

Last night, we brought back a xylophone and drum from Fanling home and H was happily waving the sticks. He also seemed to be delighted to hear the first sounds from the xylophone.

This afternoon, H was so cute with his high pitched voice sounds and happy eyebrows-raised eyes and big smile when he’s playing by himself (alongside us). I wonder what is in his little mind. At other times, he would have that stoic look but when I smile at him, he would break into a smile that warms your heart.

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