Baby diary – 10 months week 3

[31 Aug-6 Sep 2020]

I’m becoming very aware of how Hudson is approaching the one year old mark soon now that it is September. The passing of time in the blink of an eye–this year passed by really fast because of Covid that paused most things and now that I am back to full time work, I rarely see H during the week days, so the weeks also pass by very fast. It’s a very weird feeling. I’ve been reading books about eliminating hurry, slowing down, and humility, but I am very aware that I am a work in progress and I still get stressed about slowness a lot. I attribute a big part of it to H–the urgency of getting home as quickly as I can from work in case he is missing me too much and crying a lot the whole day again (although recently he’s become better and will mostly have a harder time in the late afternoons-after 3 pm, waiting for me to come home). This week, he is also more articulate about his needs. He would pull my shirt when he wants milk and when I leave for work in the morning (if he’s awake), he would use his non-verbal sounds to tell me not to leave (and that breaks my heart). But because of his clinginess, I’ve also found going to work in the office much more relaxed than working from home. I also have this constant fear of him waking up from sleep anytime (during the night or during daytime when he’s napping) because they mean that I would have to make him go back to sleep again–sometimes with great effort even though I just want to rest or having to stop whatever I was doing. I don’t know why I get so stressed about this. I need to just learn to accept the unpredictability of his suddenly waking up and not worry about the when and if when this would happen (I really should just enjoy my free time when he’s sleeping). At night, I would read books on the iPad when lying next to him to keep him secure and asleep (somehow if we leave the room, he would wake up soon after). During the day, I will catch up on tasks: documenting life mostly and on occasions sneak in some blogs reading/vlog watching.

He likes to say “ada” and he’s become a pro at “gostang” and coming down from the bed with his butt/legs first. His reunion with a piano also showed how much he’s grown: he can play (bang) the piano pretty well and with the correct hands posture even! He would also shout/say words as he “plays” the piano. He is also tall enough to stand and reach the piano keys from the floor and take things down from our three-tiered Muji drawer.

He can spend a long time playing with the small bottles of coconut oil, dottera bottles, lip balm etc that he gets from containers, and spend hours opening and closing the basket lids and playing with things from there. That’s his favourite pastime recently.

Today, we went to Tai O and to a church service since CNY. He has grown so much because he can mostly sit quietly with me during the service and observe the surroundings. He knows that we’re in a new place and he would look around and observe. When he heard the congregational singing, I moved his arm to the beat of the singing and he would also keep looking at the aunty who sang well the whole time.

He likes to eat cauliflower.

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