10 months week 5

[14-20 Sep 2020]

This week, N and I kept saying that H has grown really tall/long.

He likes to drop things from his ikea high chair to the floor perhaps to experiment with the weight/sound of it? Not quite sure. He especially likes to do it with his grey silicon suction plate.

He would raise his arm and make a lotus flower spin with his open palm to let us know where he wants to go. It’s kind of funny.

I rarely go outdoors with H because I’m always tired after work even when I get to work from home two days a week but on this particular day, I was able to join H and aunty at the beach and take some photos of H playing with sand.

We had a full weekend–brunch with M, W at S’s home on Saturday and visiting Ngon Ping 360 on Sunday morning and returning home for online church in the afternoon. H got gifts from M and W respectively and they keep praising his good looks. When we picked up Mag with our car, H kept approaching her to look at her and was making connections with her. Quite cute. He was still a bit apprehensive about Chase and being held by the “yi yi”s for too long.

Today when we went to Ngon Ping, he was able to sleep in the stroller and car seat even though he did open his eyes for a few times but was able to go back to sleep. He still doesn’t know how to enjoy going to these touristy places the most (maybe because they’re new to him and he’s almost always at the sleepy stage when we finally reach these destinations).

And then the hair cut!

Ta-dah! My boy boy eating steamed apple which is really yummy.

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