Week 26 – Baby diary

[20-26 Apr 2020]

IMG_6252Getting stronger and looking more like daddy. His hair is getting a bit too long…haha. IMG_6256Always trying to gnaw on something.

Doing some traditional dance with aunty:

Trying to get rid of the new hat from aunty Kristy because he wasn’t used to it at first and of course trying to chew on it:

Hudson turned 6 months on Tuesday! He’s been kinda cranky lately and very active so I didn’t even have the energy to get out my DSLR for his sixth month photo.

Congratulations to me on breastfeeding for 6 full months (not a drop of formula used!).

The weather is getting warm now…


A very common sequence to watch (hehe):

IMG_6293Very determined…to grab and eat the bookIMG_6296Side view (and he has insect bites on his ear. It’s the season for insects to fly around)IMG_6310


New things that he discovered this week: the toothbrush (and he can hold something in one hand and use the other hand to support his tummy time), the teether at the end of the bib, drinking with a straw!

IMG_6365Sunday at home with daddy and mommy:IMG_6382The way he looks at me in this one:IMG_6393He can sit pretty well in this chair now because he is chubbier than before.

On Sunday, we organised his drawers at the side of our closet and found a lot more clothes that he could have been wearing lately such as this yellow one!IMG_6402

Going forward, since the counting by weeks is getting really confusing and I am working 5 days a week again starting next week, I will do blog posts by month






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