Week 25 – baby diary

[13-19 Apr 2020]IMG_6245Today, I saw H’s two teeth (the one on his left is out more already while the one next to it is also touchable now).

-typed on 14th AprIMG_6194IMG_6116He is playful, likes to blow bubbles, put his fingers into his mouth (which I have to make him take out because if he puts it in too deep, he would vomit), eat food (duh, he’s our son so of course he loves food. haha).


Wearing new outfits from Uniqlo that daddy bought:IMG_6135

Playing with daddy is always fun and induces giggles 😉

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IMG_6145IMG_6146*Merong* 메롱IMG_6232IMG_6234IMG_6235IMG_6236IMG_6239IMG_6240

We went picnic in the park with our new tent on Saturday and made pizza for dinner! Daddy’s kiss and eating pizza crust (with fresh pizza still baking in the oven behind)

IMG_6167IMG_6170Yes, this cheeky boy is still practising his crawling or almost trying to sit up..but I’m always so worried he would bump his head straight down into hard surfaces so I’m always watching and trying to protect him with my hand ready.

IMG_6151Oh yes, he likes to pull on strings/cables nowadays.


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