Baby diary – week 1

In photos because busy mommy has no time to write much here #catchingup (baby H is taking his evening nap now before daddy comes home and our family dinner time, wai po is out buying grocery and more diapers for H – he finished the first big pack of baby diapers already and it’s only day 19 now).

We attempted some family portraits–slipping in time when we have and when there is still sunlight (N works 5.5 days per week, and with family visits on one day of the weekend, there is little daytime hours when daddy is at home, with the sun setting much earlier now that we are in autumn). Pic 1 by wai po/mom. Pic 2 using a self-timer (inspired by Sherlyn, Singapore Instagrammer’s travel self-family portraits using a tripod). Pic 3 by me



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