Hudson turns one!

He woke up after an hour or so as i was preparing food. I sat him down at his high chair and gave him a few pieces of fruits while I continued to cut the fruits. After a while, I noticed him systematically placing a the fruits from his plate onto the coffee machine’s espresso compartment. Wow, he grew up a little more again!

All his playmates.

We barely managed to get everything prepared at 8:30am as Johnson and the Yuen family came in bearing balloons and a gift for Hudson. Hudson clung to me and took quite a while to slowly warm up even as his other friends start to arrive. 

I’m glad I prepared the play stations for the children. 

I made my son’s first birthday cake! It feels like a good accomplishment as a mom.


-written on 21st Oct (didn’t have time to write or post anything on this day as I prioritised spending time with my one-year-old!)

He loves his car/motorbike and would climb onto the seat by himself to ride it. At first, he can’t quite get one of his leg over the seat and the leg would be folded on the seat as he sits but after two days, he can 跨过去and sit properly. He’s really a fast learner. Yesterday at his party, he would also ask to ride on his bike when his other friends are using his bike.

-written on 22nd Oct

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