11 months week 5~

Before Hudson turned 1.

[19-20 Oct 2020]

This face *muakss*

I am facing a small existential crisis as my son will be turning one year old two days later. I’ve been busy making lists for his birthday party and checking them twice-the cake, the fruits, the outfit, the decor…what if I missed things? (I know it’s not the most crucial, but I unconsciously have been stressing myself out to sleepless bedtimes these few weeks). I admit it. 

Anyway, the existential crisis is because 1 seems to mark an important milestone and after this, he will be more like a little human and we would have to teach and discipline him (even just in this past week, his strong will and preferences had emerged and there’s a higher pitch of him wanting something/almost-shrieking voice that he made when he’s angry and definitely/defiantly wants that thing. Oh my. That scared me for a bit and then i remembered that I was the one in authority so I was firm to not let him get his way and carried him away (luckily his voicing out stopped). #parenting #needGodsgrace #toddlerhoodemerging 

The “crisis” also came because I have been faithfully keeping a weekly blog journal documenting his growth and now that I’ve reached his one-year milestone, it seems to be a good point to stop or I would have to decide to continue on (but because of blog storage capacity, I would need to start a new blog). It takes a lot of time and effort to do these weekly blogs actually. Sometimes I would go over by two-three weeks because I just didn’t have time to work on it. 

I also keep a daily diary and first year memory scrapbook. 

-written on 19th Oct 2020

He knows how to put things into containers/bags now. No longer just taking things out.

He still likes to release his hands and drop things to the floor for the fun of it.

We received his birthday gift package from Mic (Germany) and it has all the cute lions-a book about Daniel, a card, a shirt, and a box of pencil crayons that can be used on all kinds of surfaces including glass! Super nice.

First scribbles (ok, more like “dot dot dot” up-down motion that he made with the crayon)

He also started to walk more. He can stand up from a squatting position without help/hold but his walking is still wobbly. It’s really funny to watch how he would quickly 扑过来when he sees me there at the end of his walk.

He’s grumpier and clingier lately. It must be because of the new things that he’s learning and the mental leaps that he’s growing in that made him like this. The extra lower tooth on the right of his two lower teeth is very visible now.

He likes to use his own spoons and forks now and would grumble when we don’t give him the spoon. He knows how to bring food to his own mouth using the spoon now (a bit more successfully today than a few days before). His improvement is so fast. I really resonate with what my daddy wrote:

Eating alphabet pasta (gaining independence in feeding himself with utensils):


He really amazes me with the new things that he is learning and mastering each day (especially this week, including his birthday, which I will write in another post). 

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