11 months week 4

[12-18 Oct 2020]

My baby boy:

He played with his tongue 😛 like this in and out.

He also peeps with his head upside down from between his legs (arms and legs all fours on the floor ⛺️)

He is also very vocal about what he wants and is very specific about what he wants to get, such as the lamp and magnet from the fridge, among many choices of magnets and pictures.

He would quickly climb to the end edge of our bed each time he’s awake/done with a round of milk drinking.

He is much more interested in books now and would choose to leaf through/flip the books by himself. He can almost manage to lift the flaps of the Dear Zoo and move the dancing Mowgli in the Jungle Book.

He also holds the spoon and can feed himself (but with no food on the spoon yet). Haha. He also can stir? with the 🥄 inside his little bowl.

He can be good boy for the whole day while I was at work some days but on two days this week he cried quite a lot while missing me.

-typed on 17th Oct

Making sure to get some crawling photos of him because I know he won’t be crawling around for too long anymore.

On Sunday, we went to Mui Wo for breakfast. It was a nice Autumn morning and I felt a little excitement rising as I immersed myself in the loveliness of this season. #Sabbath #familyday

We tried out Cafe Paradiso, a British cafe style breakfast with a sea view. It was a sunny Autumn morning and it’s so nice to sit outdoors (I was praying we would have the table under the shade and when we walked over, there was a seat! Thank you Lord). Hudson, however, was not really in the mood. He munched on the animals-shaped banana pancake I made and eventually N had to bring him to walk around. The cappuccino was strong and yummy, the bap was good too, with brown sauce.

Recently finished book and currently reading.

We’ve been attending the TPBC online services recently. H was bouncing up and down to the hymn singing.

We did a rehearsal for his birthday cake smash and setup on Sunday evening (it was a bit late in the day already because it took the whole afternoon to clean up/organise the garden). H was on the sleepy side and so was the sun (Autumn days and the sun sets earlier nowadays). I was panicking because I couldn’t remember how to use the self-timer on the camera and H was being extra clingy.

I’m glad H was able to enjoy the bubbles and cake smash (sensory play) despite his sleepiness. Cake smash sequence below (a bit unsure at first and then going full on into a 花貓mode)

Cute cute 小花貓 and the end of the “party” hehe

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