11 months week 3

[5-11th Oct 2020]

This week, I’ve been quite busy with work, I don’t even read at night anymore but just fall asleep with H. However, when I do spend time with H, I try to more consciously be fully present with him and play with him, use words with him (making words sparkle, not avoiding big words), repeating some sounds to help him learn the phonics etc (he’s been working on ‘geh’ and ‘mama!!’, ‘baba’ etc). I also try to read to him and point things out on the books even though he still slides away from me and the book often, preferring to go find things that his hands/little fingers can grab and explore. He is pretty strong. He can lift a whole jar or bottle that are not light.

Since he is older now and can pretty much understand things (we think), we will try to teach him manners (saying ‘thank you’), following instructions instead of just doing things according to his fancy, and building good habits (I feel guilty for not doing a better job at maintaining consistency in this but we will keep working on it). Also, just praying to God for wisdom and for Him to take care/teach our little one. He is in His hands.

‘Consider the Stars’ by the Gettys.

Heavenly Melody’s podcasts/testimonies & songs.

Also, I need to be more intentional in exposing H to a variety of good music e.g. classical, and different genres (should’ve been doing this all along but there were so many new things to learn since his birth). Now is not a bad time to start doing this.

I’ve been playing piano with him more this week, sitting him in my lap while I (try to) play the piano. Every time I put him on the piano bench, he likes to play too but would often get distracted by the music stand and scores (his busy hands again).

Sometimes he would also dance along to music (e.g. the upbeat music from his toys), shaking his body and swaying left and right/up and down.

This weekend was spent with his YeYe and MaMa. He got to eat cake (panda chiffon muffin cake) aka sugar but thankfully he’s not super into it. It’s nice to have family around to look after H although he doesn’t always want to stay with them and would still look for me.

Looking all grown up with his shoes and tall body.

On Sunday afternoon, we went to Mui Wo for a walk at the Silvermine Bay and although it was still hot and sunny, there is an unmistakable Autumn breeze in the air that makes you feel happy.

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