11 months week 2 (Mid-Autumn Festival & Long Weekend)

[28 Sep-4 Oct]

Lanterns at Tai O

This week, we had a lot of fun because it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival and we had a four-day weekend starting on October 1st. The weather cooled down a teeny tiny bit the morning of October 1st after a black rainstorm the night before but when we went to the beach today (Cheung Sha 下村), the sand was still scorching hot so it’s definitely still very much like summer here.

Eating our garden-grown cherry tomato. He knows how to spit it out since it’s sour. Haha..

Anyway, Hudson has been speaking/babbling a lot again (and loudly sometimes). He says “geh” “geh” recently

He loves going to the glass door and the sofa that is next to it.
I love how he sits properly and looks so cute here.

October 1st comes along with a slightly cooler weather and the four-day long weekend began…It’s Mid-Autumn Festival on the 1st of October and we went home to FL for dinner. We picked up some items from IKEA Shatin on the way and H was able to wear a face mask and enjoy seeing new things. The next day, S came over for staycation and we were able to have a few meals outside and went to the beach one morning. H was also fascinated with the new things he could see in the supermarket.

At Little Fields
The yummiest sourdough bread with EVOO
H grabbed a celery stick and lettuce to eat by himself and loved the taste of the sweet and tangy dressing (Vietnamese beef salad)

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