11 months week 1

[21- 27 Sep, 2020]

This week, he started to walk by himself! He can take a few steps by without holding on to anything.

He still loves exploring trays/containers etc. He is becoming more interested in toy cars e.g. the silver one and he would place them on furniture. When he is playing with objects around the house, he would sometimes glance at us to check if we are permitting him to play with those things or not (getting cheeky, this boy).

N built H a little home to play with and as Hudson likes to stand up/squat down a lot nowadays, he does enjoy it (not 100%) but at least he was interested and would play in the house.

He keeps waking up from his nap/sleep to drink milk these two days and N says he might be getting new teeth, which is why his gums are irritable.

Sunday breakfast at Mui Wo.

We let him play with water while we cleaned the bean sprouts.

Doing some gardening on a Sunday afternoon.

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