10 months week 2

[24-30 Aug]IMG_3012IMG_2956H can transfer and walk around the table by holding on to the table/sofa/chairs. When he reached the end of whatever he’s holding on to walk by, he would cautiously squat and transfer to the floor and crawl really fast to his next destination. Today he had fun crawling on the sand and having picnic at the beach with aunty and our neighbour (I was working from home).

IMG_2982IMG_2992IMG_3024IMG_3033These are the facial expressions that he would give me and the things that he likes to play with/do during this period of time:IMG_3042IMG_3047IMG_3050Trying to eat my hair tieIMG_3062IMG_3066IMG_3069IMG_3073IMG_3074IMG_3076He found a game of peekaboo with daddy (it was in the middle of the night when he woke up with a tummy ache though so I was tired -.-)IMG_3086New things that he tried this week:

-eating blueberries

-wearing a swimsuit

-wearing sunglasses (so cute)

-opening the cabinet doorsIMG_3104IMG_3106IMG_3132IMG_3142IMG_3170IMG_3180IMG_3163

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