9 months going on to 10 months!

[17-23 Aug]


IMG_2773IMG_2777Hudson is 10 months old! He can imitate me doing the wheels turning motion with the round Ikea heat mats after I showed him a few times while singing the “Wheels on the Bus” song. Smart boy. He fell from our bed during a nap when I left him unsupervised for a while (I found him on the floor. Yikes and I cried) but since then, he would learn to go butt down instead of head down.IMG_2786IMG_2788He managed to stay still for the monthly photo (lol):IMG_2795IMG_2797This is a more accurate picture of his usual everyday self, happily exploring around the house:

IMG_2831IMG_2834IMG_2850Just trying to get a selfie with my babyIMG_2855He loves the dirty matsIMG_2857IMG_2859IMG_2862

He babbles a lot of “mamama, bababa” recently, very talkative. He also likes to raise his hand up and gesture like an Italian.IMG_2878and holds objects up (with one hand, he’s strong)!IMG_2886Those moments that we get to spend with our baby after coming home from work…IMG_2914IMG_2935


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