9 months week 4

[10-16 Aug 2020]IMG_2606IMG_2598Busy, busy, busy! That’s what the week has looked like for little Hudson who is always busy with his hands–finding things to grab and explore–standing up and down (mostly still needing support in order to stand up), and crawling to his objects/places of interests, which unfortunately includes the kitchen (dangerous) and dirty floor mats.IMG_2626IMG_2630When I’m busy working from home, he would go to the secret beach with aunty and our neighbours to play with sand, eat snacks…

Yea, basically I’m he still does not sit still to read a book. He only likes to eat containers and other things. He likes to crawl to the edge of the bed/sofa so it’s kind of dangers and he’s so strong and I have to catch him using a lot of strength and quickly before he gets into trouble.

He went to our neighbour’s house for a play date with his two friends. It’s good that he can explore new places, toys, and interact with peers.

He’s also gotten really good at escaping from our grasp/carry by sliding his body downwards when he wants to go and play instead of sleep, etc.

He has also started to walk by holding on to the table (he can go around our living room table now).


Always taking things out from drawers and standing up.

IMG_2653IMG_2655IMG_2656Escaping very quickly from my supervisionIMG_2657We went back to Taipo on Saturday to move more things over. H clapped his hands (my first time seeing it!) while sitting on our bed. So cute. He also enjoys pushing things e.g. this bench.IMG_2664Back in our home on Sunday, we made grilled chicken breast for him so he can have some fun with finger food. I realised that we have given up on BLW for a long while because he would throw up after successfully biting off big pieces of food, but actually we should give him softer smaller pieces of food or bigger chunk of food e.g. meat that he can suck the juice of. Also, the goal of BLW before the age of 1 is not to make him full per say, but to let him experiment with food’s different textures etc. I decided to let him eat finger food again since I saw how much he enjoys holding on to his own foods and bringing them to his own mouth (good practice for hand-eye coordination; plus, he’s always busy anyway with his hand, might as well let him do something with a goal and boosts his skill & confidence). Also, I have been really into the no added sugar or salt rule that we restricted what he could eat and made a lot of his meals not tasty (he loved to eat when the food is flavourful-e.g. chicken soup etc), so I thought oil is also prohibited, but reading BLW recipes and stuffs, I realise that he can eat more kinds of food than I thought.IMG_2671 (1)Trying to escape: IMG_2682Going on a walk on Sunday (but he was not in the mood again/sleepy?)IMG_2694IMG_2696Maybe it was hot too.IMG_2704IMG_2709IMG_2712IMG_2713IMG_2718IMG_2721IMG_2727IMG_2730

See what I mean? He’s always busy exploring.

IMG_2729Baba is training H to brush his teeth twice a day.



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