9 months week 3

[3-9 August]


H crawls really fast and his favourite places to go are the kitchen, front door and hallway rug. He still communicates with me using sounds like “hmm” “enn.” He loves going outdoors still. I started working full time again this week so I didn’t get to see H that much.IMG_2280IMG_2284

IMG_2312IMG_2358IMG_2330 (1)IMG_2362Saturday was our first time at this beach (it wasn’t H’s first time as he had been there with his friend F a few times.IMG_2381IMG_2387IMG_2388IMG_2415IMG_2463These two nights he likes to flap his arms excitedly in a kneeling position while rocking back and forth excitedly. He’s also bending his head/neck backwards. He will try to grab my phone and grab his fingers on my laptop keyboard whenever he gets a chance. 

Today, we saw the two teeth on either sides of his two front teeth! He might be having more teeth coming out because he’s still biting his fingers a lot and have saliva. He also tries to bite the brown cushiony material that’s supposed to protect him from bumping into furniture. 

He loves playing with containers and especially opening the lids repeatedly. 

IMG_2484One for the record (of him being difficult).

Happily watching daddy clean the glass doors on Sunday evening. Family time.

IMG_2527IMG_2533See my hand grabbing on to his shirt/supporting him? That’s the behind the scene of my everyday with him while he goes around exploring the world.IMG_2537He likes to pull curtains and towels too.

The Jacob’s biscuits tin acts as his drum and he loves to eat these Jacob’s crackers too.

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