9 months week 2

[27 July-2 Aug 2020]

We had a fruitful day today, starting with a nice breakfast, then cleaning the garden (at some point I took a nap with H on the sofa because though he was okay with sleeping by himself on the couch for a while while all three of us could clean/organise, he stirred and I had to stay with him. We had lunch, then H took a nap with aunty while N and I cleared the bedroom.IMG_1577

Around 2:40pm, we set out to Mui Wo to visit Sabrina’s house. H was smiling shyly when we first greeted Sabrina. He enjoyed exploring the fuzzy texture of their living room carpet, standing up at their table and cabinets. We had a nice afternoon tea: Nicholas’ homemade oat banana cake (H got a small taste too, no added sugar), coffee, and croissants with cheese and ham. IMG_1654IMG_1701IMG_1740IMG_1745IMG_1751IMG_1752IMG_1754IMG_1772 Then we went to buy some groceries in the supermarkets and bakery. It was a nice family evening—a different kind of life. N & I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere very much. At night, our neighbour even gave us egg tarts he bought from Tung Chung (today was the last day that people can eat in at restaurants and stuffs before the tightened Covid-related law bans this common activity too).

-typed on 28 July Tuesday

IMG_1876I love H’s cheeky, wink-eye grin.IMG_1888You can see his four teeth.IMG_1889IMG_1903

Tai Ma came to visit on Thursday afternoon (the last Thurs that I don’t have to work). H didn’t mind the smell of durian that TM is eating.

Fun times!IMG_2014IMG_1963He still loves the outdoor so much and would stop his complaining (whatever it was about—sleepy, milk, want to be carried standing up instead of sitting down, etc) if he gets to go out. The problem is, he wants to go outside even during hot noontime. Haha.

IMG_2062H had some fun inside the plastic container—bathing outdoors, “car rides”, colourful ball pit, and just practising standing up in it.

IMG_2026N brought home a secondhand motorbike from his colleague two days ago and H immediately knew how to turn the steering wheel, hold on to the shift gear and press the buttons on the bike. I was so impressed! He looks like a pro-driver, just like his daddy!IMG_2111He likes to look up at the umbrella because he finds it fascinating.IMG_2132IMG_2156IMG_2157Those giggles ❤IMG_2159IMG_2161IMG_2164H also loves getting up and down easily holding on to the low living room table and tv console. Yesterday while I was at work (the only day I had to go to office this week), he discovered the glass window corner that overlooks the walkway into our house and leads to the road. He loved climbing up to it because he can see the cars from there.IMG_2173IMG_2176Spinning the wheel. It’s fascinating to see him discover new things.IMG_2184IMG_2180hands offIMG_2198

Life lately

IMG_2155IMG_2169Our strawberry plant (from N’s colleague)

Instead of links lately, since we have limited internet connection in Lantau, I have “living” more (though I could do more)—walks outside (H goes on much more with aunty than I do), breakfasts, reading, and Bible study/prayer.

I’ve made myself some nicer breakfasts this past week that reminded me of days in Italy host home (this house’s older tile design and dining wares give off that Napoli vibe). Though, as a mom of a baby, I do feel guilty sometimes taking a long time making my breakfast because before I could finish, my baby almost always needs me already, and it leaves me with little time to do other more important stuffs that I need to do e.g. work (so I can have more time to spend playing with H later, swapping the time), daily necessities etc. I need to learn to relax as a mom more, because sometimes i get so worked up wanting to watch over his every movement (but he did fall down and bump his head a couple of times during my supervision). He’s also been waking up a lot to ask for milk since moving in here (new environment) and perhaps he’s also hungry since he’s getting bigger in size.

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