9 months week 1

[21-26 July 2020]


Hide and seek is one of his favourite games.

IMG_0911Wow, my baby has officially entered the last quarter of his first year and growing up really fast! We celebrated with a trip to the beach in Lantau Island (Hudson’s first time at Pui O and a beach) and it was a hit (Hudson loved it)


IMG_0916IMG_0947FaceTime with wai gong and wai po. He is climbing up the couch.

H became a big boy again suddenly after his haircut. He communicates more: often asking for solid food or water with his sounds, and he also loves to explore with more understanding now.

The carrot acted as a teether to him since he seems to be have irritations from swollen gums (more teeth coming out we’re guessing). Look at how pleased he is with his carrot stick. So cute.

IMG_1237IMG_1225He loves to flap his arms happily (clapping? or not yet?) when he’s excited or happy. He is full of energy and likes to shout in excitement (ehh!!) sometimes.

His two upper front teeth are very visible now and he must be having more teeth coming out because he keeps putting his index finger in to gnaw whenever he has a chance. 

He loves going outdoors now that we live on the island. Today, when he saw me or N going out to the garden, he would cry and ask to go out too! He sat in the garden with P playing, picking some leaves, or hanging on the clothing rack’s bar. 

IMG_1348I love his focus.

He joined our neighbour for a pool party. He was happily waving his arms while sitting in the water. Sometimes, he would try to taste the water by putting his face down into the pool. He’s quite focused on playing with the kind of play he likes (good to know that he is one who can focus).IMG_1401

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