8 months week 4

[13-19 July]

This week I’ve been losing the strength to keep up with Hudson. He likes to go to the few danger spots: climbing up to the two ends of the couch and up to the windows/curtains, crawling down from the bed to the hard floor (I’m not sure if he might hit his head or not) and to the electric cables box, into the kitchen or towards the front door and bathroom carpet. He is very fast and eager, while I’m usually tired. Part of why this supervising task is so tiring is because I’m always following behind him so I cannot see his cute cute face; I only feel the weight of him and the strength of a lion cub trying to wrestle free from me to get what he likes to play with–small lotion bottles, coconut oil dispenser bottles, vaseline, iPad, iPhone, tissue paper, containers, avocado…not so much his legitimate toys that he should chew on). As a result, I’ve become frustrated for a few times with H and just needed to break away from taking care of him to have my own time to lie down and read by myself. I want to be a better mom but after a few hours of taking care of Hudson, I often lose my patience and strength. Sigh.

IMG_0285IMG_0288This week, he had fun in the “tent” aunty P made for him. He loves hiding so much and crawling in and out. His smile is the best!IMG_0283IMG_0284

Oh ya, we can see his upper two teeth coming through already! Today he’s been having lots of saliva dripping from his mouth and when given a bottle nipple, he would nibble it on either corners of his mouth instead of in the middle.


He enjoys eating frozen blended fruits and porridge with hairy gourd, pork and dried scallops (basically our soup, without added salt) because these have flavour, unlike the previous things we try to feed him which are tasteless (white congee with greens and egg yolk, which I tried and was tasteless).

IMG_0326Cute cute Hudson can recognise my parents and tai ma because he would always smile when we video call them.


Also, another milestone this week is that H can stand on his own without holding to anything for 5 seconds each time? Yesterday when I came home from work, he did it. My mom also saw it in the morning and was able to count to 10.

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