Links lately (summer days during the 3rd wave of Covid in HK)

This week has been a bummer again since the Covid cases increased in HK again. I suddenly feel stuck at home again (no more outings to cafes or anywhere freely) and felt down. ‘How long, O Lord?’ ‘Yet, I put my trust in His faithful love’ (lament, reminded by Shine kids ministry). I started baking again: quinoa bagels to start with. Let’s see what else I will make. Japanese steak hambagu for lunch today (work from home today; was feeling stuck and uninspired this morning but after lunch, now I feel better again). Be thankful! Focus on the next 10 steps. Do not lose hope (I was thinking about how Hudson should be playing in Sabah now if not for the pandemic).

Focus on God and grow in this area! Nothing is more important.

Other links:

New Seoul vloggers that I’ve started to watch: 2hearts1seoul which inspired N & I to work on some home decor/organisation improvements. We tidied up our space this past Sunday (yesterday) and ordered baskets, pillow case and other home improvement things from Taobao.

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