8 months week 3

[6-12 July]IMG_0248

We started off the week with a staycation where Hudson was able to experience lots of new things (probably too much packed into two days) but it’s good that he can discover new things and step out of his comfort zone.

He travelled on the MTR for the first time in several months.

He went to Hong Kong Island for the first time.

IMG_9568IMG_0018He had his first hotel stay.IMG_0058

He had his first hotel buffet experience.IMG_0046

He swam for the first time in a swimming pool.


He met another baby for the first time (4 month old baby Amaris).

Lots of firsts for this baby, but he does seem like he needs to recover a bit after coming home. Sometimes he would let out big shouts (like a lion) and would be very hyper though he’s sleepy already.


He’s also starting to learn to stand/walk more. He would let go of whatever he was 扶着 and “stand” unstably without holding on to anything for a few seconds. He would also hold onto our hands and “walk” in a wobbly fashion. Very beginning stages yet, but he’s working towards it!

When he wants to get my attention, he doesn’t call me “mama” but he would make loud sounds/cries to call me. Lol.

-typed on 8 July (Wednesday)


Hudson improved so much this week and learned lots of new things.

He likes to 钻进洞 such as crevices between pillows and the wall and explore. So funny and cute.


He also knows how to climb onto our bed from the floor now and go down to the floor.

He likes to do the 拔 motion with his hands so he managed to take off the lid of our lip balm easily. He also tried the same motion with other long-shaped things e.g. small lotion bottle, pen, and a figurine from the train toy set.

He still love standing up at the walls and is very quick in changing between a standing and sitting position.

He would try to stand without holding onto anything for a few seconds before falling with his butt down to get down.


IMG_0198He also knows how to crawl and find me! So sweet.He also likes to do the close open motion with his hands.

IMG_0229IMG_0238He continues to love climbing at every chance he got!IMG_0245IMG_0247IMG_0249



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