8 months week 2

IMG_9375[29 June – 5 July]

IMG_9276IMG_9284IMG_9285He’s starting to make new babbling sounds such as : “Geh~, deh~”


He’s also eating more porridge (or at least we try to give him more porridge).

We tried to train him to wear face masks for a couple of days and even brought him to the mall in Taipo since this is the ‘new normal’ now. If not, he would be so restricted in places he could go. The reason we wanted to train him now was because we would bring him on a staycation on Monday (I was nervous because he hadn’t been on public transport since February.

IMG_9319IMG_9326IMG_9350IMG_9340He got his first passport photos taken with daddy because there’s a free service by our estate. I didn’t go with them but it was the first shot that the photographer got (because he started crying after that, because it was noisy).


IMG_9424Playing with daddyIMG_9427IMG_9429IMG_9430IMG_9432IMG_9433IMG_9468

His classic moves: how to stand up and climb the wall

and how to sit (fall) back down

On Sunday, I noticed him making new babbling sounds: “neh, ng” the n sounds. Good job, Hudson!


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