Slow down

IMG_2989I’ve been going, going, going, even if I’m waiting for the bus or MTR to move; or when Hudson is asleep (worried that he would wake up in a jolt with a cry). I’ve been on a tight string even though I don’t need to. ReadingFamapa’s blog of her recent days in London lockdown made me realise that I can slow down and appreciate life. It’s a breath of fresh air from the Instagram rush and my own keeping of a tight schedule of needing to update H’s latest milestones. It made me realise that I can take my minds and eyes off the apparent immediate needs of my soon-to-might-be crying baby and to really just take deep breaths when I can. Yesterday, Nick suggested for us to visit the new giant Muji in Kowloon Bay, but I was so calculative about making sure our time away from Hudson would be kept to the minimal so I was stressing out about checking the bus schedule and stuffs–basically making a time to relax (away from parents duty) to one that is not. I have been also getting a bit worked up about making our staycation at the hotel tomorrow worth every hour and minute and facilities, which again actually increases my stress and defeating the whole purpose of a holiday. So, the lesson and reminder today is: hey, I can change my attitude–it’s okay to not get every inch worth of our money back for the hotel stay or the buffets and it’s okay to focus on other things in life (although H indeed is our priority now since he is a baby and needs our undivided attention). Perhaps it’s best to simplify, prioritise, and focus on what makes life meaningful. Reading God’s Word and worshipping Him (worship changes things), enjoying meaningful engagement with family and nurturing Hudson to the vision of his name (maybe not even the photos and documentation would matter so much, since those are taking up so much of my time and energy), and work on some long term goals for myself (reading books, exercise and healthy eating, relationships, and keep learning). Well, and don’t forget to relax this summer.

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