7 months week 5 (week 34) + Father’s Day

[15-21 June]

On Monday and Tuesday, H had some rashes on his body (measles?) but because of his strong immune system, the rashes subsided quickly. On Monday I was at work and P only told me about his rashes in the afternoon (he had rashes on his face too in the morning). By the time I got home from work, the rashes were mostly left on his body. On Tuesday morning there were still rashes on his body, but after that, it subsided again. Thank you Lord!

After that, H became his playful, active self again! His appetite also came back (on Wed, he drank 5 bottles of milk and ate several times).

IMG_8698Tonight, as I was bf him on our bed (side-lying position), I noticed his little hand and five fingers connected to his meaty little palm. I can’t help but be in awe at how such a tiny hand can be so strong–pulling everything that he wants down and grabbing things so quickly. This little hand can be quite destructive too–tearing paper and dropping things. I had to chase him around to monitor that this little hand does not create trouble! And those tiny toes are super strong too! Climbing up the sofa like spiderman and staying there for a long time.

He still has mucous or something in his throat because sometimes his breathing will still have the sound and he only likes being carried in an upright position recently when we try to carry him to make him sleep. He doesn’t like the horizontal cradle position. (Yes, we still need to carry him to sleep sometimes).

-typed on 18th June 2020 night (H’s sleeping, N finally got all his training scheme reports written and signed by the Engineer).


He’s getting cheekier too. Love his cheeky look sometimes.IMG_8780IMG_8779IMG_8822He was having so much fun playing in the wardrobe.

Sometimes, he look innocent and blur like this.

On Sunday, the 21st, we celebrated Father’s Day at home in the morning (I made N a card and photo slideshow). We went to Tai Mei Tuk with the Cheung family in the afternoon (it was a hot beautiful day) and had dinner at FL with tai ma joining us too. Hudson is also 8 months old on that day!IMG_8839IMG_8831

This below was supposed to be the 8th month photoshoot, but nowadays he’s more interested in biting the edge of the shark carpet. Haha.

Always busy pulling and standing up!

Enjoying playtime and sneezing!

Look at his foot that wants to climb up the bar.




He always has such a serious look when he’s observing something.

IMG_9053A moment with uncle Gordon…IMG_9080

He’s so lovely…IMG_9087

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