7 months week 4 (week 33)

[8-14 June 2020]

I love how he’s so good at sitting nowadays. It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago, he still couldn’t sit stably but now he can switch to an upright sitting position swiftly whenever he wants.

H entered leap 6 this week and was extra clingy. Had a few nights of almost fever, maybe because of teething? (later we found out it’s because of measles, which came out on Monday)


His love for climbing and stepping up is immense. [pic 1: His favourite chair (though unstable) to hold and stand up with. pic 2: Super sleepy but still not asleep.]

Loves playing with tissue paper still and would try to put into his mouth.

Smiley came to visit on Saturday. H wasn’t feeling well and was lethargic and clingy so she only got to carry him towards the end of the afternoon.IMG_8652On Sunday, we went to my in-law’s house to celebrate my FIL’s birthday. H was happily climbing up the sofa to get a better view of the cars outside. He also crawled around excitedly and uncle Gordon even had to block the floor fan and stand in front of dangerous items to protect our little H (it was quite cute to see their interactions). H also finally warmed up a bit to his Yeye, and Yeye was able to hold him for a bit. Tai Ma got her wish granted because H gave her kisses again. Hehe. H didn’t sleep until we got into the car to go home (I think he was asking to go home with his cries before we left). Home is still the best for him, though nowadays he’s so excited to go outside with aunty.IMG_8664IMG_8667IMG_8668IMG_8670




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