H’s first day trip

Aww..he’s old enough to be curious and explore the outside world! That’s what I discovered about my 7.5 months old baby boy during our half day trip to Sai Kung to celebrate N’s mom’s birthday.


These purple blooms are everywhere nowadays, and lavender seems to be the colour of the season.

IMG_8175IMG_8180IMG_8167IMG_8191So curious about the water and the live seafood.

IMG_8197We took off the face masks for some photos and there was a nice breeze from the sea.


IMG_8249Happy birthday, Ceci mama!

IMG_8253IMG_8257IMG_8271IMG_8284We had a seafood lunch. Lunch with a view:

IMG_8292This boy was getting cheeky. Blowing bubbles, shouting ‘Ahh!” and moving about.

He finally fell asleep but woke up soon as we went to see the shops.





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