7 months week 2 (week 31)


[25-31 May] I heard recently that 7 months is when the baby is the most fun. He knows how to express himself, smile, and play. It was helpful to hear this because if not, I was still stuck in this motherhood narrative where I just feel tired and try to survive carrying around a heavy squirmy baby (which is true half the time but let’s not focus on that!). I try to focus on how my growing baby is getting more and more communicative–babbling and giving eye contacts. He will turn towards you when you put your arms out to signal that you want to carry him, if he wants to go with you. Hudson has gotten really good/fast at sitting up now and he wouldn’t topple down to the left or right as before. He loves pulling up at our sofa, his book shelf, and wherever actually. He would also let go of one hand and leave only one hand holding on to whatever he’s supporting himself standing with. IMG_7255IMG_7256IMG_7259

He doesn’t seem to like the rice porridge with veggies and egg yolk we cook for him when we do. His solid food eating is still not very routine and I do feel guilty for not doing a good job at that.

He’s gotten a bit worse again at wanting to bite everything, perhaps due to new teeth coming out (still couldn’t see).IMG_7264

It’s the end of May so hopefully I can do better with our whole family’s healthy eating next month (inspired by Sara’s recent healthy eating habits also). I’ve been eating too much bread and sweets. IMG_7276

Oh ya, as of yesterday, he’s outgrown this chair because he knows how to bend and extend his body to escape from it, so it’s dangerous now to leave him alone in there. IMG_7249

He likes to “pat pat pat” with his left arm, only his left arm.

IMG_7315Precious photos of my sleepyhead with his daddy.IMG_7319IMG_7323IMG_7335IMG_7337IMG_7339I love this little ball of energy and his determination to stand up and get what he wants (into his mouth). 😉IMG_7340IMG_7341

He’s learned to slowly sit down while having one hand still on the rail.IMG_7342IMG_7343


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