7 months week 1 (week 30 part 2)

[21 – 24 May 2020]


He just turned 7 months but he seemed to have improved in his babbling/talking immediately! He has added new sounds/higher pitches to his speech and would actively babbles for longer periods e.g in the morning or at night. “ahh!” and stuffs excitedly. So cute. He also crawls super fast, but it’s don’t have much space for him to get to before he reaches a dead end. He would also climb mountains (our bodies) and try to overcome these obstacles.

IMG_7030Escaping from his 7-month photoshootIMG_7031


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Daddy gave him a haircut on Saturday because everyone had been commenting on how his front hair is getting too long, so now he looks even more like a boy and his daddy.IMG_7097IMG_7098IMG_7103IMG_7107

We went out to the park this morning and he just had this “zhou mei tou” face the whole time until we picked him up. He fell asleep.IMG_7114IMG_7117IMG_7130IMG_7135IMG_7137IMG_7146IMG_7147IMG_7164IMG_7177



Last night at 2am, he was somehow awake and crawling here and there, smiling and talking so happily. Lol. He was so cute but in the end he vomited. He seems to gag a lot lately from his saliva, maybe having new teeth again.


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