6 months week 5 (week 30 part 1)

[18-20 May 2020]


Since he’s turning 7 months tomorrow (Thursday), I will make this a short week.

IMG_6971IMG_6973IMG_6974IMG_6975IMG_6979H continues to explore things with his hands that are so good at grabbing, touching, scratching things now e.g. he explored the cabinets, our wardrobe, drawer edges, basket rims, books, table edges, our eye glasses, etc.

He still likes to put things into his mouth but he’s a bit not so desperate now.

He babbles more these days, “ah!” “hmm” and getting better in communicating his intentions to us.

IMG_6990I love coming home to my sweet boy after work and seeing his shy smile.

He enjoys going to the park in the morning.

He seems to respond happily to wai gong wai po during video calls nowadays.


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