6 months week 4 (week 29)

[11-17 May 2020]

This week, I worked full week again. H is getting chubbier and looking more like his daddy. His hair is really getting so long and was po keeps asking us to help him cut it.

IMG_6900 2IMG_6901 2IMG_6903 2He continues to improve in playing by himself while sitting up, “crawling” really quickly to get to his object of choice, tried crawling on the hard floor while being supervised of course, LOVES to “pit-pat pit-pat” his feet and walk around whenever we would hold him and let his feet touch the floor (he would actually go forward with his feet so we have to follow with his upper body). Aunty and I keep saying “H, you’re so heavy” often when we carry him because he’s really heavy. At night, when I try to lift him up when he awakes, I really have to gather my strength before being able to lift him up to bf. He’s also still a grumpy baby whenever he wants something and makes that low grunt sound, but when he smiles at you or laugh at your funny exaggerated gestures, he is so bright and sweet.


This week, he knows how to grab the fur of the “touch the zoo” book now and when I showed him how to pull the flaps in the “Jungle Book” storybook, he seems to begin to understand how we can move the flaps. So there is a bit of improvement in his “reading” ability while the week before, he would literally just put the books into his mouth as soon as he gets it. He still does, but I think he’s improved a bit. When I gave him my comb yesterday, he would grab the handle nicely and use his fingers to feel the spiky part of the hairbrush. Only after quite a long time then he tried to put it into his mouth, but again, improvement.

IMG_6959He also likes to pull on strings. He loves his bath time.

He goes outside almost every other morning with aunty now to get his daily dose of sunlight. He wears his hat nicely and aunty teaches him to say “good morning” to the security guard.


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