6 months week 3 (week 28) + Mother’s Day

[4-10 May 2020]

This was the first week in which I worked all 5 days of the week again (just for the month of May) and I missed Hudson since I had to focus on work and had no time to play with him and just watch him.

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He loves standing up!


I also felt bad for aunty who had to carry heavy H for long time during the days when I was busy with work. During the days that I went to work, H did miss me. On Friday and Saturday, he didn’t eat much and was quieter for some reason.

Well, on Saturday, we went to Fanling home for dinner to celebrate mothers day (I was excited to go for a family dinner after not having one since CNY). H however was scared and kept crying because of seeing non-familiar places and people. Aigoo, his crying can express his ideas clearly now, this little big baby boy.

IMG_6777IMG_6778Holding onto tai ma’s hand the whole time on our car ride there.IMG_6781

IMG_6796Yeye’s home cooking. yum.

Sunday breakfast at home: my first mother’s day! N bought the carnations. The bouquet wrapper is an artwork by Hudson. 😉



hiding in the toilet to type this post (because all moms know that this is the best, most relaxing escape space in the house)

humming the lullaby tune automatically in the middle of the night when baby awakes and anytime during the day when needed.

messy hair, don’t care because baby’s needs are more important to attend to. 

willingly sacrificing for your baby because he’s your baby and you love him.

Thank you, Hudson for making me a mum. Thank you God for this gift of a healthy, beautiful son so I can learn what it means to be a mum. 

Happy Mother’s Day! At this stage of motherhood, my sacrifices mostly include sleep, time and energy. However, I know other mums including my mum have had to sacrifice other things eg worrying about how we’re doing on the other side of the world or the different growth stages that we went through.  


Sleepy sunny boy.

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