6 months week 2 (week 27)

[27 April – 3 May 2020]

IMG_6445We had a four-day long weekend where both N and I got to spend more time with H and it was really nice to be able to watch him grow!


He improved tremendously with sitting, crawling, and pulling up and standing (none of them stable yet, but he could do them!)

IMG_6625IMG_6649IMG_6641IMG_6644His serious facial expressions:

We also let him try some finger foods (BLW) method and he enjoyed eating avocado strips, steak, orange wedges, and blended lean pork+spinach+rice congee. He is SO good at eating! (clips are on my phone)

On Saturday, Hudson sat up by himself while playing with daddy in the morning.


Good job!

His favourite game of covering his face with something.

IMG_6676IMG_6682I read about activities for 6-9 month olds and created this sensory play musical “instrument”IMG_6687IMG_6688IMG_6696Always fun with daddy and handsome hairstyle combed by daddy after giving him a bath:IMG_6701IMG_6714IMG_6730

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