Week 24 – baby diary

[6-12 Apr 2020]

IMG_6000Hud’s first tooth erupted on Monday (or we only discovered it on Monday). I touched it with my clean finger and it feels like a shark’s tooth! haha. My baby shark. And so ensues my sleepless nights (he wakes up to nurse for 5-6 times each night?) I feel exhausted on some days but thank God it’s work from home & Easter holiday weekend, plus I would let our helper take care of him from around 6-8am in the morning so I can sleep comfortably on the bed for those two hours. Yesterday, my wrists, arms and shoulders are hurting too. Parenthood is hard and some hours are long but then H would look at me with his cute face and sweet smile, and my  heart just melts. He really is the cutest baby (but with a fussy temper at times).


Too cute cuteIMG_5951IMG_5849IMG_5857He’s like a worm/frog with his crawling motion nowadays. When he can’t fall asleep at night, he is also like a worm/mole trying to 钻洞into the bed, which is frustrating and funny at the same time. Sometimes while sleeping at night (we turned on the air-con for a few nights to avoid the noisy traffic outside) he would have the sound of blocked nose/loud nose breathing but when I try to see, I can’t see the booger.

He loves looking out the window. IMG_5939IMG_5931

He spins his object of interest e.g. a thin pillow/toy above himself like a pro now. So funny.

He had also started eating his own toes/feet this week.

IMG_5897IMG_5901IMG_5941This look that he gives us sometimes.IMG_5978

We love you, sweet boy!

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